Source control prevents poisonous bean sprouts from entering the market

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In early 2021, the Zhangwan District Procuratorate of Shiyan City, Hubei Province, found that seven vendors in zhangwan and Hongwei wet markets were selling poisonous bean sprouts illegally added with 6-benzyladenine and 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid.In March of that year, the institute sent an inspection proposal to the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in accordance with the law, requiring the bureau to strictly perform its statutory duties, carry out regular supervision and inspection of bean sprout production activities in Shiyan urban area, and promptly deal with illegal cases to ensure that citizens can eat safe bean sprouts.6- benzyl adenine, 4- chlorphenoxyacetic acid sodium is a kind of low toxicity pesticide.During bean production, 6-benzyl adenine keeps the sprouts fresh, and sodium 4-chlorophenoxyacetate makes the sprouts look good, but can be harmful if consumed over the long term.Therefore, the state has banned the use of these two pesticides in bean sprout production.After receiving the procuratorial suggestion, shiyan city bureau of agriculture and rural areas of agricultural comprehensive law enforcement detachment bean sprouts production law enforcement supervision should be brought into the annual work focus, bean sprouts production enterprises in urban areas, workshops and other investigating a baseline, and included in the scope of daily supervision, purchase of bean sprouts special measuring instrument, establish bean sprouts production safety law enforcement inspection routine supervision mechanism.At the same time, the bureau actively carried out a two-month bean sprout production link quality and safety special action, focusing on the inspection of producers and operators whether illegal use of drugs banned by the state for production.Through the comprehensive sampling of 17 bean sprout production subjects in Shiyan city, the staff found that 5 of the 18 bean sprout samples were unqualified, containing 6-benzyl adenine and 4-chlorophenoxy sodium acetate.According to the test results, the Zhangwan District Procuratorate of Shiyan City supervised the agricultural comprehensive law enforcement detachment of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Shiyan City. The five bean sprout producers who failed the random inspection were ordered to suspend business for rectification, and given administrative punishment, and the clues of possible crimes were handed over to the public security organs for handling.Shiyan city bureau of agriculture and rural areas of agricultural comprehensive law enforcement, said an official with the team will continue to promote the bean sprouts production quality and safety of law enforcement and supervision, to deal with illegal party in accordance with the law, at the same time increase the intensity of urban joint law enforcement supervision and sampling frequency, realize daily inspection cover, from the source to promote bean sprouts production safety, ensure people eat bean sprouts.(Our reporter Jiang Changshun correspondent Bao Huan) Bean sprouts are popular among people, if there are pesticide residues, will be a great threat to people’s health.This case to make up for the administrative organs supervision blank spot, prompting the administrative organs to bean sprout production into the supervision list.The procuratorial organs have effectively promoted the administrative organs to perform their duties through the pre-litigation procedures of public interest litigation, maintained the “safety of the tip of the tongue” of the people and purified the market operation environment.First, to bring bean sprout production under the supervision of administrative agencies for the first time.Before the case, due to overlapping functions and responsibilities, the production of bean sprouts was not explicitly included in the supervision scope of Shiyan Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau.The procuratorial organs performed their duties strictly in accordance with the law and accurately applied the law, helping the bureau to clarify the supervision and responsibility of bean sprout production, prompting the bureau to bring bean sprout production into the supervision scope for the first time.At the same time, it promoted the establishment and improvement of the supervision list by The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Shiyan City, including the production enterprises, cooperatives and individual households of the city’s bean sprout agricultural products into the supervision list, laying a solid foundation for the quality and safety supervision of the city’s bean sprout, and improving the long-term mechanism of food safety management.2. Promote administrative organs to carry out special rectification within the whole city.After the procuratorial suggestions were issued, the procuratorial organs and administrative organs repeatedly follow-up communication, reached a consensus to ensure the safety of bean sprout production.The administrative authorities carried out a special rectification of bean sprout production safety throughout the city, conducted a comprehensive investigation according to the identified supervision list, targeted supervision, and severely cracked down on illegal activities.Procuratorial organs through the promotion of special rectification, supervision of investigation, effectively promote the city’s quality and safety level of bean sprouts.Third, do a good job in the “second half of the article” to ensure the effectiveness of public welfare protection.The procuratorial organs firmly established the concept of “continuous follow-up and supervision”, and urged the administrative organs to strictly punish the “problem” bean sprout producers through follow-up supervision hearings and joint interviews with bean sprout producers.After the administrative punishment was made, the procuratorial organs took the initiative to come to the door with the administrative organs to explain the law for the bean sprout producers, so that the bean sprout producers who illegally added 6-benzyl adenine and 4-chlorophenoxy sodium acetate realized their mistakes and took the initiative to pay the fine.Continued follow-up supervision and punishment, the case is strong warning and deter illegal food producers, reveal the procuratorial organs to maintain food safety determination, and the illegal operators that, from the source to reduce the number of reconsideration cases, in a positive procuratorial sulk for deepening v. source management, modern power system of social governance, governance capacity.(Comment: Zhang Lixin, Deputy Chief Procurator of The Zhangwan District People’s Procuratorate of Shiyan City, Hubei Province) source: Procuratorial Daily