Get to know!There are 3 new clauses in individual income tax settlement

2022-05-07 0 By

For the first time in three years, the annual personal income tax final settlement will be scheduled from February 16 to March 15. Taxpayers who need to make the annual final settlement between March 1 and March 15 can make an appointment by logging in to the mobile personal income tax application at 22 PM from February 16 to March 15.Why make an appointment, some ask?The main reason is to prevent people from gathering together during the epidemic, and also for the safety of everyone’s life. The secondary reason is to cause system breakdown due to excessive number of people.But after March 15 this year, you don’t have to make an appointment to finish the individual income tax settlement.In this year’s individual income tax calculation, the biggest change should be the new policy of deduction of pre-tax expenses for taxpayers who obtain both comprehensive income and business income.The following three new provisions are introduced in detail: 1. The taxpayer cannot fail to fulfill the declaration obligation because of the mistake of withholding and remitting. The taxpayer should check the income and deduction items by himself according to the truth.The purpose of this article is to emphasize that taxpayers have a legal responsibility for the annual settlement of their personal income tax, that is to say, it should not be due to improper performance of withholding agents, that is, to emphasize that this is the responsibility of taxpayers.2, mainly for taxpayers from multiple areas of income, if not declared, the tax authorities will determine the competent tax authorities.The specific meaning of this article is that if you did not go to deal with annual aggregate calculation between March 1 and June 30 that we stipulate, so tax department can help you determine the authority in charge of tax affairs of you, you do not do, namely time limit ended, there will be tax revenue, a certain tax revenue will look for you.3, taxpayers who need to pay tax, that is, taxpayers who pay tax of more than 400 yuan, do not pay tax in full, tax authorities will charge a late fee.This article is also to remind the majority of taxpayers, especially the higher income groups, have the annual settlement tax obligation of taxpayers, must be timely and in full, complete your annual settlement of such a job.So we do not have to avoid the annual settlement tax fantasy, the fill must fill, of course, the return of tax, also do not have to be polite.