Why did Emperor Gaozong order Yue Fei to retreat when he was about to succeed in recovering the lost territory?Ten years of work wasted!

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As he had already figured out the psychology of Emperor Gaozong of the Song Dynasty, Qin Hui suggested to Emperor Gaozong at the right time that yue Fei should be ordered to withdraw immediately. The reason was that Yue Fei was alone and deep, and the danger was increasing day by day. If he was surrounded by the Jin army and fell into the trap of the Jin army, the whole army would be in danger at any time.Qin Hui also encouraged his followers to advise Emperor Gaozong, repeatedly stressing that the southern Song “had few soldiers, and the people were trapped and the state was lacking”. If Yue Fei was allowed to continue to advance, the state would be in danger.In order to convince Emperor Gaozong, Qin Hui and his followers listed many examples of battles in history that resulted in a disastrous defeat due to the advance of a lone army, constantly making alarmist remarks, completely ignoring the current victory of yue’s army, and unilaterally emphasizing the adverse impact on the Song Dynasty in case of any unexpected situation.This is exactly in line with song Gaozong’s inner presupposition about the consequences of stopping the current war.At the same time, the eastern battlefield and the western battlefield stalemate, the Gold did not take advantage of.The central battlefield is brilliant results, yue’s army at this time class division, can be described as a triumph.Emperor Gojong could not only cover up his previous humiliation and peace, but also publicize his strategy to complete the great cause of the revival and give a satisfactory account to both the ruling and the opposition.Song Gaozong was very satisfied with Chin Hui’s proposal, and in a way, chin Hui’s proposal provided an excuse for Song Gaozong.About the same time as meeting with The armies of Yue, Gaozong sent the first imperial edict to Yue Fei about the same time as meeting the armies of Yue, Gaozong sent the first imperial edict to Yue Fei.The fastest information transmission in the Song Dynasty was the golden plate of the emperor’s imperial edict, which was relayed by post horses without any stopover, traveling 500 miles a day.The official sent the imperial court urgent, another use “urgent delivery”, a day of 400 li.500 miles and 400 miles are just the ideal conditions stipulated on paper, but in reality, they cannot reach the ideal speed at all due to the influence of many uncertain factors such as war, climate and roads.Taking the connection between Emperor Gaozong and Yue Fei as an example, it takes more than 10 days for Yue Fei to send a letter to Lin ‘an Palace from the front.Lin ‘an House with gold plate transfer gaozong’s edict, the trip needs 10 days.A round trip will take about 20 days.Before the meeting of Yancheng began, Yue Fei told the imperial court to request Gazong to order Liu Qi and Zhang Jun and other departments to rush north at once and destroy the Jin people together.Yue Fei pointed out: “Recently, the Jin army has been repeatedly defeated. Wanyan Zongbi has ordered the Jin army’s families to cross the Yellow River and withdraw first. Recently, he has also withdrawn 80 Jin troops to Hebei.The Jin people have realized that their defeat is inevitable. Now is the time for your Majesty to restore the song Dynasty, recover the lost territory, and clear the country of shame. If you don’t take advantage of the victory and let the tiger return to the mountain, there will be future troubles.I entreat your Majesty to order the armies of all roads to march together and march north with all their might, so as to complete the battle against gold as soon as possible.”Yue Fei’s notes not only stated the war situation between Song and Jin at that time, but also pointed out that the Southern Song was facing an unprecedented opportunity. What Yue Fei did not expect was that he did not wait for the news of his coming to the court to send troops, but only waited for the order to withdraw.The army of Yue family waged a bloody battle against The city of Dares and Zhuchang, only to get a imperial edict of the command.Yue Fei could not easily abandon the three armed forces with blood in return for the fruits of victory, immediately wrote an opposition to the withdrawal of the document, firmly opposed: “At present, the Jin army has all assembled in Tokyo Kaifeng Mansion, after repeated defeats, morale is low, the intention of war is not at all, up and down shocked, panic inside and outside.I sent the jin army to infiltrate the intelligence personnel informed that the Jin were preparing to abandon the baggage and escape across Hebei.On the other hand, the three armies of the Song Dynasty, with strong troops and horses, occupy the right time, the right place and the right people, will soon be accomplished.All that I have said is the result of day and night’s deliberation. I implore your Majesty to seize this golden opportunity and not to teach him.”Song Gaozong, who was thousands of miles away, was very unhappy but helpless after receiving Yue Fei’s objection.Song Gaozong understood that he would not be subject to the orders of the Lord, so he put forward three conditions to restrict Yue Fei.In essence, yue Fei was asked to stop further attacks against the Jin Dynasty.Yue Fei was determined to seize the victory and recover the lost territory, so immediately after the letter was issued, he ordered to continue to march on Kaifeng.However, when the army arrived in The town of Zhu Xian, Yue Fei in one day, received a dozen with a gold card transfer of the imperial edits.The twelve imperial edicts were so severely worded that Yue Fei could not object or question them.Gaozong ordered Yue Fei to stop attacking ezhou immediately, and yue Fei himself went to Linan Fu.Yue Fei looked at the edict issued at the time, it is about the time when Gaozong got the good news of yue’s army recovering the Henan Province of the West Capital, Yue Fei finally understood that although Gaozong often shouted to recover the lost territory, but to maintain half of the country, to promote peace, is the heart of the most real idea.Yue Fei could not help but beat his chest: “ten years of work, waste once.”Yue Fei knew clearly that this retreat was different from the past, which marked the recovery of lost territory and the clearing of national humiliation.However, if the military order is violated and the division is not immediately changed, the Yue army will face two outcomes. One is that the imperial court will cut off the provisions of the Yue Army, and the other is that the imperial court is very likely to charge all the soldiers of the Yue Army with “treason”.Therefore, on the very day of receiving the imperial edits, Yue Fei made the most painful decision in his life after consulting with the leading generals of yue’s army: To lead the army!However, Yue fei has not completely given up hope and is still willing to make one last effort.He wrote that the Song would not miss a golden opportunity if it united all its forces and pursued the victory, and appealed to Song Gaozong to continue the northern expedition.The final result can be imagined, yue Fei’s appeal was weak in front of Song Gaozong, who was afraid of war and eager to make peace.Although it made Yue Fei unhappy, he had to make preparations in advance to withdraw troops.Yue Fei knew that once let Wanyan Zongbi know their withdrawal, will lead the army to pursue, so that the yue army army soldiers into a passive.Yue fei ordered the officer in charge of logistics and provisions to go to the market to buy large quantities of supplies to create the illusion of an imminent general attack on Tokyo’s Kaifeng Prefecture.Wanyan Zongbi got the news, really frightened and frightened, quickly ordered the Jin Army to withdraw more than 1O0 miles, reinforcement of kaifeng city defense.Taking this opportunity, yue’s army successfully retreated to safety.Yue Fei stayed at the wild temple in a deserted village. He could not sleep at night. He sat with his generals on the ground and they were silent for a long time.Yue Fei suddenly asked, “What’s the way to go?”All the people did not know how to answer; they bowed their heads and said nothing.After a long time, Zhang Xian broke the calm and said: “Only the marshal ma will follow.”Yue Fei was firmly opposed to the withdrawal, but he knew that the only way for the future of yue’s generals was to lead the army.The withdrawal seriously affected the morale and morale of yue’s army, which repeatedly resisted the strong enemy, indomitable, disciplined lion, a dead on the way out, the ranks were not as orderly as before.As the general in command, Yue Fei saw his army dejected. He was heartbroken and could not say anything.Yue’s sudden division, so that the central Plains people disappointed.”Dan, old and young, standing in front of Yue Fei’s horse, cried:” We are welcoming the officers and troops with food and drink. These young women all know that when the commander leaves with his troops today and the Jin returns, we will have to wait for death!”With tears in his eyes, Yue Fei took out the imperial edict and said, “The imperial government has ordered it. I dare not resist it.When yue’s army retreated to CAI, hundreds of people poured into the state government, crying and Shouting to see Yue Fei.Hearing the news, Yue Fei hurried out.A scholar led the crowd to salute Yue Fei and said, “We have been under jurchen’s rule for nearly 12 years now. When I heard that yue’s army was heading north to recover the homeland, I eagerly looked up and felt like years.It is not easy to endure until now the liberation of the mountains and rivers is expected, glad to finally get rid of the rule of the juren, but heard that the commander to rate army division, is unacceptable.Even if the commander does not care about the fate of the central Plains children, can you accept the results of failure?”Yue Fei had to take out the imperial edict again and show it to the people. All the people cried bitterly after reading it.Yue Fei could not bear to ignore the anti-Jin people, so he decided to keep the Yue army in Caizhou for five days to protect the local people to move south to Xiang-Han.The Yue army, led by Wang GUI and Zhang Xian, moved south from CAI Zhou and returned to the yue army’s headquarters in Ezhou.At the end of July, Yue Fei and his two thousand cavalry troops crossed the Huaihe River by way of Shunchang Prefecture and headed for Linan Prefecture.With mixed feelings, Yue Fei went back to the court to see Emperor Gaozong.Under the pressure of Song Gaozong and others, the magnificent fourth Northern Expedition was stopped.Yue Fei arrived in Lin ‘an in August. After meeting With Emperor Gaosong, he only wrote a letter to ask for his dismissal from the army, and then retired to the Donglin Temple on Lushan Mountain to live out his life.Although Gaozong was very worried about Yue Fei and other generals, he wanted to take back their military power for many times, but because the peace negotiations with the Jin Dynasty were never completed, Gaozong thought that the time to deal with Yue Fei was not ripe enough and refused his request.In this way, Emperor Gaozong used and restricted Yue Fei, and attacked the Jin dynasty but did not dare to go too far. As a result, yue Fei lost all his achievements in fighting against Jin.Wanyan Zongbi thought he had lost the battle and was ready to flee north by crossing the Yellow River.However, some people argue that there is no need for the Jin to withdraw, because “since ancient times, there have been no officials inside, but there are generals who can make contributions to the outside world”.The conclusion holds that Yue Fei will be restrained by the officials of the Southern Song Dynasty, whether he can stand up or not, not to mention his own safety will be greatly threatened.There is no doubt that such analysis is highly consistent with the actual situation in the Southern Song Dynasty and even with Yue Fei’s situation.After Wannan Zongbi listens to a person to remind, the decision does not retreat temporarily, this just had the life that says before jin Dynasty spy penetrates south Song dynasty interior ceaselessly, supervise and urge traitor Qin Hui to try every means to make Gao Zong force yue Fei to withdraw troops the method.