Wenshan 37 won the honor of “national brand” again

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Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on the Identification of Large Counties and Regional Improved Seed Breeding Bases. Only 20 counties (cities and districts) were selected.Wenshan city with unique three seven source development advantages were identified for the national regional agriculture NongCunBu fitting (Chinese medicine) for breeding base which is wenshan notoginseng recently won the second “state” award after all traditional Chinese medicinal materials industry chain of wenshan city is given priority to with notoginseng was rated as “national agricultural industrial chain all typical county” here is the authentic of notoginseng region in recent years,Wenshan city firmly grasped the goal of building a industry of 700 billion, and cultivated Panax notoginseng as the key industry of “three cards”. It paid close attention to the construction of seed and seedling production base, market circulation, scientific and technological research and development, brand construction and other work to promote the high-quality development of Panax notoginseng industry.At present, the city engaged in the production and operation of panax notoginseng 88 enterprises and cooperatives, provincial leading enterprises above 7, provincial demonstration community above 4, panax notoginseng seed production base area of 10,500 mu, in 2020, the seed output of panax notoginseng 720,000 kg, accounting for 90% of the national panax notoginseng seed output;Panax notoginseng seed transfer 504,000 kg, accounting for the annual seed output of 70%.This is the ecological suitable area for panax notoginseng planting. Wenshan is located in the low latitude plateau in the southeast of Yunnan Province, with unique natural conditions, which is very suitable for the growth of Panax notoginseng. It is the origin, main production area and genuine production area of Panax notoginseng.Therefore, there is a saying that “The world’s 37 in China, China’s 37 in Yunnan, Yunnan 37 in Wenshan”.Laojunshan primeval forest in Wenshan city is the birthplace of Panax notoginseng. Wenshan city is the core area of panax notoginseng origin, main production area and genuine production area.In terms of climatic conditions, as the Tropic of Cancer crosses the whole territory and is located in the low latitude plateau, Wenshan city has the climatic characteristics of sufficient light, abundant rainfall, no significant difference in annual temperature, but large temperature difference between day and night, which is conducive to the accumulation of dry matter and biosynthesis of effective components of Panax notoginseng.In terms of soil conditions, the soil of Wenshan Panax notoginseng cultivation area belongs to yellow red soil and red soil type. The soil layer is deep and loose, with unique “night tide soil” nature, and rich in rare earth elements and trace elements such as iron, calcium, cobalt and molybdenum, which is an important reason for the formation of genuine panax notoginseng.Due to the special climate and soil conditions, the yield and quality of Panax notoginseng in Wenshan city were significantly better than those in other areas, and panax notoginseng industry became an important characteristic industry for the coordinated development of economy, society and ecology in Wenshan City.Here is notoginseng total industrial chain base in order to further promote the development of notoginseng circulation industry, open the notoginseng sales channels, notoginseng products going out, wenshan city international trade center construction successively completed the wenshan notoginseng wenshan notoginseng modern logistics center, fresh notoginseng trading market, such as project, set the wenshan notoginseng e-commerce trading platform,Guided the establishment of Wenshan Sanqi E-commerce Co., LTD., established an online mall, promoted the development of new forms of E-commerce of Sanqi, further improved the market service system, and provided a supporting platform for spot trading, online trading and modern logistics of Sanqi.At present, Wenshan city has introduced 414 enterprises (individual industrial and commercial businesses) to enter the trading center and modern logistics center of Sanqi development, e-commerce platform and sanqi online mall has more than 6600 merchants to enter online trading business.More than 90% of panax notoginseng raw materials are traded through Wenshan Panax notoginseng market to more than 20 large Chinese herbal medicine markets, sales network covers the whole country, with Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macao as the focus of the international market is growing steadily;More than 95% of panax notoginseng seeds through Wenshan Panax notoginseng market trading flow to the prefecture, the province, and even the national planting base.National regional fine seeds (Chinese medicinal materials) breeding base national agricultural whole industry chain typical county two “national name card” settled in Wenshan will be wenshan 37 industry to take off into new momentum, the future can be expected!(Source: Cloud Daily) (Edited by Tang Xuejiao, edited by Xiang Chuanshuai, reviewed by Liang Dan)