The triple link between the blessing culture and the beautiful life in the new era

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As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, blessing culture has been constantly activated in the new context, bursting into colorful vitality and striving to write a huge picture of a better life in the new era.Blessing culture provides the spiritual value source for the better life in the new era, and the better life is the history ceaseless of blessing culture in the new era and new journey. Blessing culture contributes to the practice of the better life in the new era, reflecting the triple links between blessing culture and the better life in the new era.General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that “the people’s aspiration for a better life is our goal.”The resolution of the CPC Central Committee on the Major Achievements and historical experience of the Party’s Centennial Struggle stresses the need to “make the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security more substantial, secure and sustainable.”Under the five-sphere integrated plan and the Four-Pronged Comprehensive strategy of the new era, the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security has become a footnote of The Times for a better life.Creating a better life for the people has been the value goal of the CPC for one hundred years, and its rich theoretical connotation and epochal significance fully demonstrate the distinctive characteristics of combining Marxism with China’s concrete practice.On the one hand, the theoretical logic of the good life comes from the scientific guidance of the basic principles of Marxism.Marxism’s profound understanding of all-round human development, people’s nature, labor theory, communist society and other issues has provided a theoretical starting point and direction for the better life of socialism with Chinese characteristics.On the other hand, the practical logic of a better life is inseparable from the spiritual link of China’s excellent traditional culture, especially the traditional blessing culture.The time-honored traditional blessing culture is deeply connected with the yearning and pursuit of a better life in the new era, showing increasingly abundant cultural vitality.Since the pre-qin classics recorded and talk of thought and their exponents schools of thought contend, ancient philosopher they opened the inquiry and reflection “fu” thoughts of research, different researchers theory viewpoint is not the same, but its core values and spiritual pursuit of common divisor, gradually formed a profound blessing culture for future generations of the Chinese culture depicted spirit pedigree.Fu, lu, shou earthly happiness, joy, wealth, and cultivate one’s morality of dependent flat for all the virtues, and become the ancients under specific historical conditions o f f behavior criterion and value coordinates, disseminated the generation after generation of Chinese cultural spirit, emotion and moral aesthetic identity, even across time and space in one thousand still has strong echo time.New age people’s feeling, happiness and security is to “five blessings” “wealth is a blessing” “luck” “peace is a blessing” traditional new annotation of happiness, such as the comprehensive well-off, the new concept of human destiny community and the ancients of the well-off society, the world of imagination, and the cultural origin of the generated mental orientation highly fit,It focuses on the Chinese people’s pursuit and expression of a happy and ideal life in the new stage of development.The picture of a better life in the new era featuring material abundance, spiritual affluence, system justice, social harmony and beautiful ecology is slowly unfolding. This is not only a beautiful vision and value consensus of the new historical orientation of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, but also an internal compliance and innovative extension of the spiritual dimension of the traditional blessing culture.History links ancient people’s philosophical wisdom, the unity of nature and man, conform to nature, moral discipline, moral cultivation is the pursuit of happiness and happiness of the basic essentials.”Heaven has no relatives, but virtue is complementary” (” Shang Shu · The Order of CAI Zhong “), said that virtuous people can be blessed by heaven.Confucius advocated peace and happiness, “a handful of rice to eat, a ladle of water to drink, living in a mean street, people can’t bear their worries, but they don’t change their happiness.”Mencius summed up the “three joys” of life as “the parents all exist, the brothers without reason, one happiness also;Yang not kui in the day, not at the zun, two music also;Get the world talent and education, sanle also “.Mozi said, “Those who love others will be blessed;The wicked and the thief will be punished by heaven.The persistent pursuit of good conduct has become the core concept of traditional fu culture.In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, a better life has been elevated from the cultural expression of sages and sages to a national goal of national rejuvenation, and blessing culture has been endowed with richer and more comprehensive modern connotations.As General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out, “As soon as the COMMUNIST Party of China was born, it set as its original mission to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation.”In the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Party is leading the people in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects with confidence, embarking on a new journey to create a better life and gradually achieve common prosperity for all.Pursuit of the new era of a better life is “better education, more stable job, more satisfactory income, a more reliable social security, higher levels of medical and health services, more comfortable living conditions, more beautiful environment, rich cultural life”, and the value pursuit of the traditional culture under the new historical conditions developed innovative and creative transformation.People-centered, The Chinese Dream, moderate prosperity in all respects, common prosperity, a community with a shared future for mankind, “struggle itself is a kind of happiness”…The happiness code of the new era is constantly being generated, and the vitality of happiness culture is becoming stronger and stronger.It should be said that the blessing culture in the new era resonates with the historical practice of the exploration of a better life in the past hundred years, which is not only the realistic expression of the transformation of the main social contradiction in different historical stages, but also reflects the effective continuation of the ancient proposition of a better life with the contemporary society.The 14th Five-Year Development Plan sets out the long-term goal of building China into a cultural power by 2035, sounding the clarifies the call of The Times for high-quality cultural development on the new journey of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. This is an inherent requirement for meeting people’s new expectations for a better life in the new era.General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that “the extensive and profound Chinese civilization is the unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation”, and only by activating the vitality of Chinese culture with firm cultural confidence can we “display the spiritual atmosphere of the new era in an all-round way”.A better life in the new era calls for a better spiritual and cultural development, which means combining fine traditional culture with contemporary aesthetics to “enrich the people’s spiritual life”.As an important part of excellent traditional Chinese culture, Chinese blessing culture has accumulated profound genes of Chinese civilization, is an important value symbol and spiritual link connecting classical civilization and modern society, is the concentrated generalization and embodiment of a better life in the new era, and can inject fresh impetus into the expression of a better life in the new era.From the value belief of seeking happiness with virtue in the traditional society to the national vision of a better life in the new era, from the ancient people offering sacrifices to pray for happiness to the work of the contemporary society to create happiness, the value pursuit and realization path of blessing culture are constantly updated and changing, reflecting the distinctive characteristics of The Times.With the blessing of thick history culture collides in the intertexture of traditional and modern generated in the dual connotation of the era, from the national development level, the value target of the new era of a better life precision to the pulse of the development of social history, map out the grand blueprint for the new stage of development, make contemporary cultural connotation beyond ancient culture and ideal pursuit;From the perspective of the main body of the people, the good life in the new era embodies the people-centered value position, pursues the free development and liberation of the people, accurately responds to the people’s needs for a sense of gain, happiness and security, so that the practice subject of contemporary happiness culture focuses on the main body of the people.Therefore, the practice of blending blessing culture into a better life in the new era should contain two aspects: one is to tell the Chinese story of constructing a better life in the new era with blessing culture.To realize a better life is the essence of the Chinese Dream and the pursuit of values shared by all mankind.The expression of a better life in the new era demonstrates China’s strength and spirit, and is an important part of telling China’s stories well.To tell the Chinese story of a better life with the blessing culture, we should integrate the concepts of all-round well-off life, common prosperity, The Chinese dream and the community with a shared future for mankind into it. We should use the blessing culture IP, new cultural creation, new media and new technology to convey the traditional connotation and contemporary value of The Chinese blessing culture.Second, we need to use the culture of happiness to inspire the inner driving force for building a better life in the new era.The people are the creators and beneficiaries of a better life.But a better life is not to wait for, nor can it be achieved by “lying down”, labor is the basic way to achieve the pursuit of a better life.We need to promote happiness through work and hard work to inspire people’s creativity and creativity, and make work and hard work the people’s belief in happiness and the “guide to success” in the new era.We need to enrich people’s spiritual lives with a rich blessing culture, guide them to closely combine national rejuvenation with their personal dreams, create opportunities for their lives to shine and realize their values through the power of The Times, roll up our sleeves and work hard, and pool the spiritual strength to create a better life.(The author is an associate researcher at the Institute of Literature, Fujian Academy of Social Sciences)