The birth of a good sauce wine will be “visible and tangible”

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Where is the end of an enterprise’s pursuit of quality and adherence?Can a bottle of good wine be clearly quantified?On March 28, Lang wine with the first opening of the first enterprise internal control criteria answer, quality never stop.In the Lang Jiu Estate on the left bank of Chishui River, Lang Jiu issued the Internal Control Guidelines for Lang Jiu Maotai-fragrance Products (hereinafter referred to as the Guidelines), which clearly standardized the whole process and process of the production of Lang Jiu Maotai-fragrance products in the form of institutional documents.From now on, the birth of a bottle of good sauce wine will be “visible and tangible”.(1) Adhere to the quality doctrine “Lang jiu maotai-fragrant products enterprise internal control standards” is the whole process of lang jiu product production law.Lang Liquor Group chairman Wang Junlin speech, said that the “code” is lang liquor people “product basic law”, “the purpose is to let lang liquor people shoulder the quality responsibility.”Quality doctrine and long-term doctrine are the core concepts of Lang Jiu. Lang Jiu never slackens its pursuit and adherence to quality.”After going up and down, I have a deeper understanding of quality.Since 2015, we have been determined that only the ultimate quality is the only way for Lang to become stronger, longer and bigger.”Wang Junlin is especially impressed.”One strategy, several effective tactics, 10 times implementation, 100 times persistence”, “adhere to, grow, long-distance running”, “integrity, respect nature, advocating science, brewing good wine”, “three products strategy” (ultimate quality, ultimate brand, ultimate taste), “two fast and one slow” (fast production, fast storage, slow sales)……From strategy to strategy, the liquor has been implemented year by year since 2015. It can be seen that the quality of liquor adhering to qualitationism has been effectively guaranteed and steadily improved, and has been recognized by the market.Data from the launch site shows that by 2021, the sales revenue of Lang Jiu will exceed 15 billion yuan.Twenty years ago, in 2002, the sales revenue of lang Jiu was 300 million yuan.It is worth noting that with the various advantages of maotai-flavor liquor (soy sauce liquor) highlighted, soy sauce liquor with more high-end products has rapidly grown into the second largest flavor liquor after Luzhou-flavor liquor.Moreover, the performance of liquor enterprises in recent years also benefits from sauce wine category, which also drives sauce wine enterprises to expand production and sales.But in recent years, lang jiu is strictly controlling quality, strictly controlling sales.In 2021, Langjiu will sell 11,000 tons of soy wine (in accordance with 53 degrees, the same below).In 2022, 13,000 to 15,000 tons of soy wine is planned, among which hongyunlang will be less than 400 tons, Qinghua Lang less than 4,000 tons, Honghua Lang less than 9,000 tons, and Lang Brand liquor less than 1,600 tons.While Langju will produce 45,000 tons of new jangju this year, it will have 175,000 tons of base liquor in stock by the end of October.Wang Junlin said that the annual sales of Langjiu maoxiang wine abide by two principles, the first is “to ensure quality, maoxiang wine must comply with the” Langjiu maoxiang products enterprise internal control guidelines “to produce and sell.(2) The birth of a bottle of blue and white Lang is based on the adherence to quality, lang wine opening in the first place, released maotai-fragrance products enterprise internal control criteria, and will rise to the level of enterprise operation rules.Wang Junlin pointed out that “the opponent of the wine seller is always the wine seller himself”, and it is not easy to stick to it. To stick to it all the time, we must rely on the Guidelines.Lang Wine stock executive deputy general manager, chief engineer Jiang Yingli introduced, “guidelines” in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, as well as national and enterprise standards, including the location of production areas, workshop standards, raw material standards, brewing techniques, product standards, production and marketing principles of six aspects.This means that lang wine will be a full range of their own sauce wine production process, put forward the standardization, standardized constraints.For example, in the symbolic geographical location of the producing area of soy wine, Lang jiu soy wine must be produced in the core producing area of Soy wine in chishui River Basin, that is, about 49 kilometers from Maotai Town to Erlang Town on the left bank of Chishui River.In Jiang Yingli’s opinion, brewing skills are the core, lang jiu people insist on 12987 core brewing process, four high and two long process and a series of aged lang jiu brewing and wine body design skills.Especially the liquor body design, Jiang Yingli stressed that this is a very important core technology of liquor enterprises.The liquor maker has scientifically refined a batch of original wine a year, 3 grades, 5 kinds of storage, 6 rounds of wine selection, 9 times of blending blending process, forming the unique flavor of the liquor.It is reported that the original lang wine classification, as high as 63 kinds of original wine.Product standards, Lang wine in the national standards, the implementation of more stringent enterprise internal control standards, not up to the factory.Jiang yingli revealed that each batch of langjiu sauce wine selected not more than 9% of the output of the extra-grade raw materials, as hongyunlang, Qingyunlang and above products based on the wine.Again such as blue and white lang, select not more than 38% of the output of super grade wine for wine.For example, one of the high-end masterpieces of lang jiu sauce wine, the birth of a bottle of blue and white lang requires the storage of the main base wine for more than 7 years and the proportion is not less than 80%, plus the storage of more than 20 years of aged wine and different flavors of wine.Song Shuyu, chairman of the China Wine Industry Association, said that in terms of product and service standards, enterprise standards are the highest level, and the establishment of systematic standards is the core.”The key to quality assurance is to build around quality, and the integrity and advanced nature of the standard system will ensure the continuous improvement of the product quality standard system, but also predict the improvement of product quality.”Ma Yong, vice president of China Food Industry Association, believes that expanding the quality vision, improving the quality station, improving the quality level, will eventually be recognized by the market and consumers.”Quality transparency and high standards will make consumers feel ‘visible and tangible’ and create a sense of trust.”Said a dealer representative.”Quality is the root and soul of the stable and lasting lang jiu”, Wang Junlin said, begging the community to supervise, help, urge lang Jiu to improve and implement the “code”.Chishui River left bank, mountain spirit speechless, water spirit speechless, but witness the endless pursuit of lang Jiu shares.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: