The average price of the first six batches of drugs dropped by 53 percent

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Recently, The State Council executive meeting decided to normalize and institutionalize the centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical supplies, to further reduce the medical burden of patients.The State Council Information Office held a regular policy briefing of The State Council on Monday to introduce the progress of deepening the reform of centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical consumables in bulk.Chen Jinfu, deputy director of the National Medical Insurance Administration, said that procurement by national organizations and alliances has become a regular pattern, and the guarantee mechanism and supporting policies for regulation of bidding, quality, supply, distribution and use of collective procurement have been increasingly improved and optimized.Since 2018, the National Medical Insurance Administration has worked with relevant departments to promote the reform of purchasing drugs and high-value medical supplies by volume, with procurement by volume as the core, Chen said.After three years of hard work, the reform of centralized procurement based on quantity has entered a new stage of normalization and institutionalization.Up to now, six batches of drugs have been purchased with quantity, and a total of 234 kinds of drugs have been purchased, accounting for 30% of the total annual drug purchases of public medical institutions.In 2021, we will carry out special procurement of insulin, and expand collective procurement from chemical drugs to biological drugs for the first time.In addition, the intensive procurement of high-value medical supplies is concentrated in cardiology and orthopedics: the intensive procurement of cardiac stents has been running smoothly for one year, with a total of 1.69 million selected stents, 1.6 times of the annual agreed procurement volume.In 2021, we will carry out state-organized collective procurement for more complex orthopedic consumables.While participating in national collective mining, local governments have also carried out different forms of provincial and inter-provincial alliance collective mining.In terms of procurement varieties, local governments are involved in chemical drugs, Chinese patent drugs and biological drugs, and the two varieties of coronary balloon and ophthalmic intraocular lens have been fully covered by provinces.”Centralized purchasing rules are constantly optimized, quality supervision is more rigorous, supply guarantee is more stable, and use policies are more perfect. As a whole, prices are falling, quantity is rising, and quality is excellent.”Chen Jinfu introduced, first, prices return to a reasonable level, the masses benefit significantly.In the first six batches of centralized procurement of medicines, prices were cut by an average of 53%, heart stents by an average of 93%, and artificial hips and knees by an average of 82%, effectively squeezing the space for inflated prices.The accumulative results of the reform over the past three years show that the state has saved over 260 billion yuan in centralized production.Second, the quality of drugs and consumables for clinical use has been steadily improved, and the demand for clinical services has been fully released.Statistics show that in centralized procurement, the share of people using original drugs and drugs that have passed quality and efficacy consistency evaluation has increased from 50% to more than 90%.Take heart stents as an example, 1/3 of the original stent products are stainless steel stents, which are now basically eliminated, and the selected chromium alloy stents have a utilization rate of 95%.Third, promote the formation of fair competition, quality assurance and innovation-driven industry development pattern.Through open and transparent, fair and just competition, CCM has gradually improved the market-led price formation mechanism in the pharmaceutical field, guided enterprises to strengthen quality and cost control, and actively carried out product research and development and consistency evaluation.Driven by innovation and quality assurance, the pharmaceutical industry has entered the track of high-quality development.In addition, through intensive purchase of medical insurance funds, medical institutions are strongly promoted to strengthen internal management and high-quality development of public medical institutions.”The next step will be to carry out regular and institutionalized procurement of drugs and high-value medical supplies in bulk.”Chen jinfu said, to promote the speed and expand the scope of collective procurement, drug procurement in the three major sectors of chemical drugs, Chinese patent drugs, biological drugs all-round development;The collection of high-value medical consumables focuses on orthopedic consumables, drug balloons, dental implants and other varieties.By the end of 2022, more than 350 drug varieties and more than 5 high-value medical consumables will be covered in each province through national organizations and provincial alliances.Wang Xuetao, head of the pharmaceutical administration department of the NHC, said the NHC and other ministries issued the Opinions on Strengthening pharmaceutical management in medical institutions to Promote rational drug use, guiding and requiring local governments to give priority to the selection of drugs that win the bidding for national collective procurement, and encouraging doctors to give priority to the issuance of drugs that win the bidding for national collective procurement.In the performance appraisal system of secondary and tertiary public hospitals, the indicators of the use and proportion of the bid-winning drugs for national collective procurement are clearly stipulated to strengthen the use of national collective procurement drugs.In clinic, rational drug use management has been continuously strengthened through prescription review, spot check, pharmaceutical care, drug use monitoring and other measures.In 2020, the monitoring data of drug use in public hospitals showed that all secondary and tertiary public hospitals and 55% of primary medical and health institutions in China were preferentially equipped with one or two batches of the bid-winning drugs.The quality and safety of selected products are related to the vital interests of patients.Li Maozhong, head of the drug supervision and administration department of the SFDA, said the SFDA takes quality supervision of selected products as the top priority of supervision.In terms of generic drug consistency evaluation, a green channel has been established for registration applications of consistency evaluation, with strict on-site inspection and strict technical standards.By the end of 2021, a total of 693 varieties had passed the consistency evaluation.In terms of drug quality supervision, we will carry out full coverage supervision and inspection on selected enterprises and full coverage sampling test on selected products.Steadily promote the traceability management of selected products in collective mining, and gradually realize the whole process traceability of selected products after they are put on the market.In terms of quality supervision of high-value medical consumables, coronary stents, artificial joints and other products selected from collective procurement have been listed as the focus of quality and safety risk screening and management, and enterprises have been supervised to conduct a comprehensive investigation of risks and hidden dangers, and manufacturers have been deployed to carry out flight inspections.With the increasing number of product varieties included in collective procurement, how to ensure the stable supply of products?Zhou Jian, head of the consumer goods industry department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the ministry will continue to monitor the state centralized procurement of drugs, timely identify and coordinate to solve the emerging problems that may affect production and supply, to ensure a stable supply of selected drugs to the market.We will urge enterprises to do a good job in the production and supply of selected varieties, support them in carrying out technological upgrading, and enhance their capacity to ensure production and supply.We will focus on tackling weak links in the pharmaceutical industry, support a number of high-quality projects that solve key generic technologies and have a strong demonstration and driving role, and guide enterprises to achieve new breakthroughs in production processes, high-end auxiliary materials, pharmaceutical equipment and other fields.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: