Let children read while laughing to keep popular science picture books, let children fascinated by science

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“Why do people need to live?””Why do people need water?””Why is it that more than 70 percent of the human body is water?”Why do people breathe?”” Why do people have brains?”Why does it rain in the sky?”Why do clouds help the sky rain”……There are always countless whys hidden in the child’s small head, and these questions made me speechless.Therefore, want to let the child know this world better, understand this world, need popular science books.The Truth about Living Things is a picture book for preschoolers and children up to age 3.Interesting cartoon illustrations, humorous animal dialogue, can greatly attract children’s curiosity and interest in learning, let children immersed in the world of biological science.Animal 79 dirty little secret, about biological body structure unique, special living habits, biological evolution, biological food and five aspects, such as digestion, biological breeding interesting biological secret, satisfy their curiosity about science, let the children to observe to various biological world, inspired by the scientific thinking.1, read science with questions, exercise deep thinking ability “Biological truth” this book, there are countless children curious questions, such as “cow burp exhaled gas is good for the earth ecology?”” What do swallowtails taste with?”What color is the goldfish beautiful?””How many arms does an octopus have?””Water isn’t in the hump of a camel?”And so on.Such a small problem, though far away from the children’s lives, but we can through the form of dialogue in the book, use colloquial words, with humor, vivid expression, for the child clear all animals unique, life habit, and the causes of the formation of unique, is conducive to inspire children learning initiative, let the child to find the answer to the question.In the process of reading, children can find the root of the problem, help improve the ability of generalization and summary, and also let children learn how to solve problems in the process of interesting exploration.2, creation form and the way flexible, distinctive “biological truth” in the form of comics, from a child and mother, or animal communication between friends, the problems and explain clearly to the children, let the children understand the various biological behaviour of the animals on the details, as well as their different ways of life.This unique Angle and way of popular science is very special.In the book, the comic creation technique and the way of telling the story make fun of the children. The children are most interested in the problems, which are presented in the form of knowledge introduction and data analysis. It is easy to understand, but also greatly aroused the curiosity of the children, and solved the strange problems of the animals for the children.When the child was watching, he asked me: “Mom, it’s so funny that the papilio tastes with its feet!””I never thought that in the goldfish world, red goldfish are the most beautiful!””Loach breathes with fart. I’m so amused.” “It’s disgusting that the first meal of an animal is its mother’s poop.”, it is these interesting popular science secrets, let the children look extremely happy!We can see that the picture book “The Truth of Biology” is not created to win with massive knowledge and information, but to find the best combination of popular science and children’s interest, stimulate children’s curiosity, and let children easily learn popular science knowledge and expand the knowledge base in the process of reading and laughing.Some parents will worry, “the truth of biology” this popular science picture book, animal species and range so wide, so much content, professional performance can not be guaranteed?The book “The Truth of Biology” was reviewed by Dr. Zhang Jinshuo, a science expert from the National Museum of Zoology and a doctor from the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to ensure that every knowledge point is accurate.Parents might as well take their children to see “the Truth of Biology”, so that children know more about the little secrets of animals, stimulate children to love science curiosity and interest, let children fall in love with science, always interested in exploring the world, have curiosity, get new discoveries.