How is time wasted

2022-05-06 0 By

An earlier this morning wake up of time, less than five, but think the rest will go to sleep, it is rainy, lazy, and the idea of a nap, let me sleep in fast at six o ‘clock, after this good, an hour past, get up, but it happened one thing again, is to pick up the phone and started to see a group of news, have been reading last night, didn’t see WeChat, under the well,Take a look at the time in the morning, and suddenly half an hour has passed, which is a waste of time, but also cattle.Later I thought about it, because the idea of rest, let me have a lazy mood, also feel that the time is still early, not urgent, so indulge yourself, but now think back, this has been to do with their own priorities have been the principle of the violation of too far.This morning is a small lesson. After all, there is no big thing to do today, only a bunch of small things at ordinary times. But if I really have a task, this outcome is not acceptable to me.But there’s no need for anxiety, after all, I am still training, is himself the running-in process, experience the pain and joy, a habit, how long will it take to get real, is about three months, so I now have a relapse, is real, accepting yourself and then continue to correct, is what I should do, always regret not change, Mao Yong didn’t.Nothing has been done after work yesterday, the book finally finished watching the ordinary world, small secretly pleased, and then start preparing today see the other two books, one is to write book review, a reading together is next week, this morning to see about reading together next week in the group of the collection of administering the draft, but I dare not go, think about your schedule doesn’t open ah, ability is limited,But I will pay attention to this activity, I hope next week, I have the courage to try.