What are the financial costs?

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Financial costs of enterprises include: 1. Raw materials, auxiliary materials, spare parts, purchased semi-finished products, fuel, power, packaging, low-value consumable components and transportation, loading and unloading, cleaning costs 2.3. Expenses for scientific research, technological development, trial production of new products, purchase of samples and general testing instruments;Wages and welfare funds of the staff and workers, and prizes for saving raw materials and improving technology 5. Funds for trade union and education of the staff and workers 6.Cost of product repair, replacement and return, loss of scrap repair or scrap, stoppage wages, welfare, equipment maintenance and management fees, loss of price reduction and loss of bad debtsProperty and transport insurance, contracts, notary and visa fees for contracts, consultancy fees, royalties for patent and technology and sewage charges to be included in costs 8.Working Capital Loan interest 9. Transportation, packaging, advertising and sales organization management fees 10.Office expenses, travel expenses, conference expenses, labor protection supplies, heating, fire control, inspection fees, warehouse expenses, commodity registration fees, exhibition fees, etc.Other expenses.