The maximum salary of 90 thousand, the Chinese Super League 16 team refused to reduce the salary of the football association, Xu Xin sky-high investment in the harbour to make an own joke

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The maximum salary of 90 thousand, the Chinese Super League 16 team refused to reduce the salary of the football association, Xu Xin sky-high investment in the harbour to make an own joke.Some news can also be heard last night, according to our domestic authoritative media football, the latest news revealed that the Football Association is preparing for the second salary cut in the Chinese Super League recently, now the whole 16 teams in the Chinese Super League they implement a salary cut standard is 5 million yuan before tax annual salary,Which means you in some of these most international team some star players their top skyshatter in your team can only get 5 million pre-tax annual salary, they also means after-tax almost arrive at around 2.75 million, so such a income level is much higher than these, men’s soccer players have their real power,So the football association is considering a second salary cut recently, because after seeing such a poor performance of The Chinese men’s football team in the preliminary round, even Vietnam can not kick, it is really unreasonable to cut salaries again.So recently it has been revealed that the FOOTBALL Association is considering another salary cut, this one is reported to have been announced, which is expected to reduce the annual salary from 5 million to 3 million, which means that after tax after 45% tax is deducted,His actual annual salary is about 1.65 million yuan. 1.65 million yuan per month, his monthly salary is actually extremely high. That is to say, if you get the highest maximum salary of these athletes in China, your top salary is about 130,000 yuan, which is more than 130,000 yuan and less than 140,000 yuan.Such a salary level is relatively reasonable, after the incident broke out, we saw the famous soccer daily reporter, he is also on the social platform is also forwarding this message, he also revealed the secrets of a more impressive, initially fa cuts scheme is actually want to kill at exactly, the salary standard directly cut to 2 million pre-tax,But the proposal was rejected by all 16 clubs in the Chinese Super League.Don’t think the plan too unreasonable reason, before 2 million is a concept of what to say to you about, if the Chinese super league clubs top top players, said the main clubs core international players, if he has been cut to 2 million, before tax deducted off 45% of the tax, after-tax his personal hand,In fact is in about 1.1 million, 1.1 million (to inside each month, pay his monthly income is about 90000, to 90000 a month, such a revenue for these international players, this is really an unprecedented fall below a bottom line, but the plan has not been finally 16 clubs agree we have to refuse,So eventually the fa gave up the plan, and chose the 3 million package, but we can also be found through this matter behind, there are some loopholes, behind that is the Chinese super league double of the season the team shandong hristo, their team champion credited with China at the end of the season after the contract, rejected the club paid contract,But chose the sky-high price to join Shanghai Harbor, harbor club in addition to his maximum salary, but also additional to give him a sky-high endorsement contract.Is equal to the equivalent of signing a contract to a third party, such a contract, for late if the clubs are like harbour club I loophole, as long as you come to my harbor team I have to sign a contract for you, as I give you a more extra income, it is equivalent to you you either pay cut you down to 2 million by the association,Down to 1 million, to 500000 to 100000, do not affect the somebody else to sign international harbor team can move millions of millions of, all want to go to join international seaport, country club later also will have to follow the seaport, equivalent to this, we we the salary cap white ah,Late is equivalent to the Chinese super league club polarization is more and more serious, the rich club continue to burn money, no money club not live, so late CSL will play not bottom go to, so I want the individual feels the football association to pay wages is right, but also want to clearly inform the clubs, could not through a third party contract,You can’t sign these international players through other endorsement contracts, which is equivalent to breaking the environment of the market and disrupting the atmosphere of the whole market.Makes this fair after being broken, harbour club did it not to do everything, want to sign a who will sign it, so that the football association of wages not to harbor club was a complete failure, you can give you all the players signed a third party endorsement deal, this way your whole harbor the club’s players are prone to millions of millions of annual salary,This is the equivalent of a wage cut, which works for other clubs but not for Harbour, and who in the face is that?