Gaoping District Municipal Supervision Bureau carried out “Spring Thunder Action 2022” agricultural products quality supervision sampling

2022-05-05 0 By

Gaoming District Municipal Supervision Bureau will carry out the “Spring Thunder Action 2022” sampling inspection of agricultural products quality for a year in the spring, the current spring ploughing preparation critical period, fertilizer, plastic film and other agricultural products into the peak season.Recently, in order to strengthen the supervision of agricultural materials market and regulate agricultural materials operation behavior, gaoping District Market Supervision Administration organized the sampling inspection of agricultural materials quality supervision in 2022 in the whole region, effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of agricultural materials quality and safety, and escort the spring farming production.The sampling inspection work closely focused on agricultural resources distribution centers and urban and rural fringe, focusing on agricultural resources wholesale enterprises, township agricultural resources management network sales of fertilizer, agricultural film and other agricultural products for supervision sampling.Sampling process, execute the law personnel also focusing on the agricultural capital operator’s business license is in the effective period of business, is beyond the scope of business, whether show me ticket, whether to build into the sales ledger timely, and have the inspection reports, product quality certificate, packing instruction whether real, counterfeit trademarks is suspected of infringement, if false illegal advertisement.Up to now, the bureau is out of law enforcement personnel 15 person-times, supervision and inspection of agricultural materials management households 6, sampling 9 batches.In the next step, gaoping District Market Supervision Bureau will further strengthen the supervision of agricultural materials market, and investigate and punish unqualified agricultural materials products, to ensure that consumers buy safe and reliable agricultural materials, and create a safe and assured agricultural materials consumption environment.(Written by Tong Xiaojuan, Gaoping Municipal Supervision Bureau)