5-4 to 5-6, Yan Bingtao wasted match point, second round, Chinese snooker both out

2022-05-05 0 By

In the second round of the Snooker Players Championship, Yan Bingtao lost two games in a row to waste match point at 5-4 and lost 5-6 in an embarrassing second round. Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao were eliminated from the tournament.Originally, there were two Chinese players in the tournament. Unfortunately, Zhao Xintong was eliminated in the first round, which was a pity. But it is also normal, after all, to participate in the Players Championship, it proves that the state of this season is relatively good.YanBingTao is China’s young after 00, is also a talented players, get the masters champion, add small ranking title, such as masters and world ranking is also firmly TOP16 position, and is more happily, when encountered some top players, YanBingTao many times to be able to show a big heart!Hawkins, known as master huo, is also a TOP16 player in his career.For Yan, there is reason to expect him to win against Hawkins.Yan was hot in the first two sets, scoring 139 points and 103 points in a row to easily win the second set 2-0.The third and fourth bureau, Hawkins also with color, continuous single rod 86 points and single rod 77 points, smooth even after two bureau, the first half, the two of them evenly, 2-2 draw.After a short break, Hawkins returned to power in the fifth frame, scoring 95 points for a 3-2 lead, 99-0.In the sixth round, Yan bingtao stopped his slump and scored 54 points in a single stroke to draw 3-3.In the seventh game, Yan bingtao took the lead, scoring 98 points in one stroke to regain the lead 4-3.In the eighth game, Hawkins delayed the point 60-1, yan Bingtao missed the chance, Hawkins made a bonus shot from the far stage, then extended the advantage to lock the game, 4-4 and then levelled.In the ninth game, Yan bingtao scored 132 points, 136-0, and took match point 5-4.The 10th frame, Hawkins single 126 points.In the tiebreaker, Yan Bingtao made a mistake and Hawkins won with 73 points in a single stroke.