Your friend’s daughter was slapped by a boy at school. How should you deal with that?

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A netizen from Chongqing posted an inquiry on the platform. A mother posted that her baby was beaten badly at school and her face was swollen. The school was not good at dealing with this kind of thing.Our baby will go to kindergarten next year, see this kind of thing will inevitably into their own body, if this happens how to deal with it?I was beaten at school yesterday. I slept all night and my face was still swollen. I was distressed when I saw him, not to mention a mother.The point is, the boy hit someone, and his parents didn’t even say a word, let alone contact my friend to apologize.Also, the boy had just transferred to the class this semester, and he had made several children cry and hit others, but not in the face, so an apology would have been enough.But this play is really very serious, the key parents also do not have any attitude, my friend today in the group of angry hair query of the message, the teacher in charge stood up and said that will investigate.If it hadn’t been for the headteacher’s dilemma, my friend would have been in the grade group.Now who are one or two children, baby and eyeball like, in the school to be bullied affirmation can not endure, if it were not for a friend’s husband on business trip, estimated to rush to the school.I also began to think, what would I do if I encountered such a thing?His father went to school and slapped himself twice in front of the whole class. He said, the child is not sensible, but as an adult, he must have the responsibility of improper education, so he gave himself two slap to apologize.The boy who hit may really be out of control, but as a parent you have to take responsibility.If I were in my friend’s position, after the teacher found out, I would ask the boy’s parents to teach their child in front of the whole class to slap him on the palm or on the bottom of their own choice, let the child know that spanking is an equal price to pay, and a mild apology is no longer necessary!Netizens share their experience:My cousin reading in the town of 10 years ago, my young aunt tube to the female classmate be allowed her with those hooligans, is that with small bludger to society at the same level of female students, a few times to bully her, (I think my sister also have a wrong place, if there is no intersection, another is not likely to know her bully her) to the teacher said is not much use, after all the teacher can’t keep to.Then my sister dared not miss school.I’ll shout her first put a small knife in baotou, his mouth (, came home from school, class of darling if they bully you again blocked you, you take out the knife is as quiet as a mouse, but don’t begin, at the same time, make sure the knife is not robbed, stole the lethal run (school home run for several minutes).Although the method is not advisable, but only the tender frighten those people twice, the other can not quit bullying her, as long as the little child of contempt, as long as he once, he almost dare not, are afraid of malicious Angle son.Parents also shared their personal experiences:My eldest daughter is a boy in the class in the third grade shovel earwax, blush with shame, ran back to me, I was looking for the teacher in charge, tough ask parents to solve the problem face to face, didn’t think there is a baby boys and victim, we’re two victims’ parents directly with the kids parents to school to deal with problems, since I was pregnant 2 Eva,Inconvenient to call my husband to, good teacher in charge wise, hit baby parents apologize, hit baby also apologized, or I will call my daughter hit back, really, don’t say I am unreasonable, my child has never been shoveled ear excrescent, incredibly by the classmate so, I can not swallow this tone.”Why don’t you go to the parents? My daughter was once slapped in the face by a girl in class.The girl’s mother and father are both teachers in the school, and her father is still the teacher of our class.I contacted her mother directly, but the teacher didn’t apologize.I immediately call the teacher in charge, let the teacher the next day must solve, or I will go to school, the next day the teacher let that girl apologize in front of the class.I have a good relationship with the teacher at ordinary times, but I have been instilling my daughter to the teacher who knows me not according to call!”My sister was hit in the face by a boy in kindergarten last week because she stood in the wrong line, but she fought back forcefully and scratched the boy’s face,” netizen “Kaka 1763” said.Before leaving, the teacher asked both parents to stay, and the boy’s parents picked up his child and ran away.I was actually worried that she would be bullied in kindergarten, because she was a little timid and introverted, but now she seems to be more brave and strong than I expected.Netizen “LAN Xuan Xiaoxie” said:I grew up in rural kids, 3.4 grade, the classmate’s brother younger than me, his house is head of the q, in the words of now that is special bear (sister really super sven and lady), often bully smaller than her big, once, result, several class about ten several female students, cut a lot, and flax, a plant, hit on the skin is very painful,Red knot in one’s heart) hide outside the school wall, take advantage of the time of school, surround him to pick up, the result can be imagined, the back again dare not bully a person.But after cleaning up, I’m afraid his parents will come to us. After all, the countryside is close to us.