Why can’t Guang Yu get into the game

2022-05-04 0 By

In the game “Light encounter”, there are generally three reasons why the game can not be entered: (1) The network is not connected, players can not enter the game without network connection;Before entering the game can check whether their network is still connected, not connected after the game can enter.② Server explosion, that is, the number of online servers in the general sense exceeds the carrying limit of the server, too many servers can not carry over will cause this situation.Fried clothing will generally appear infinite queuing can not go to the situation, or in and immediately flash exit.If it is fried, it is able to wait for server maintenance, fried generally in the official blog notice.③ In addition to the above two factors, players may not be able to enter the game because the game is under maintenance.Maintenance announcements will be displayed on the left side of the game bulletin board, and maintenance information will be posted in advance on the official blog.In this case, you can only play after maintenance, which is usually done by 10 am.