Taiyuan: the ancient county in the New Year more intangible heritage flowers steamed fax

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People in Shanxi love flour and steamed steamed steamed buns during the Spring Festival.Such as big steamed bun, jujube mountain, yuan Bao people, fish and so on every year.For people in Shanxi, the smell of New Year is in the delicate steamed buns.In the bustling ancient town of Taiyuan, a table of beautiful huamo has been placed on the table, let’s hurry to have a look.A table of steamed bread made by xuai Flowers, a non-hereditary inheritor, attracts the attention of many tourists at a shop gate in taiyuan’s ancient county seat.Tourist Bai Hongting: They make some fish every year, which means there is more than one year.Feng Zhaobo: When I saw huamo today, it was a strange feeling. It was the first time I saw it, so I didn’t want to eat it. I wanted to keep it at home as a souvenir.Tourist LIU Yongfeng: The older generation would make the steamed bun. Every Spring Festival, they would make some and put it there. Now it’s our turn to make it.Seeing tourists coming here to see their works, Xunaihua is very happy, happy smile ripples on his face.Shanxi take buns is food, also is the work of art, in the hands of the genetic bearing people continue to love flowers, one by one ordinary doughball, through her hands, both animals and birds, flower, and folklore, historical figures, all can become lifelike artistic style, expression of ancestral worship, the blessing of the elders, and a vision of a better life.The inheritor of Dingxiang Dough Sculpture continues to love flowers: “I learned it from my grandmother. I have been making steamed bread since I was 11 years old, almost 50 years old. I am almost 60 years old this year.This you see there are rabbits, there are a pair of snakes, dish a coin, there are a pair of magpies, a pair of ingot, this is a snake dish rabbit, must be rich, do each hua mo, in fact, it has the meaning of each hua mo.Have a bite of huamo, read a blessing, in this ancient city, unique Shanxi characteristics of huamo also make the Flavor of the New Year more rich, and this thousands of years down the traditional folk will be handed down from generation to generation in the hands of these traditional craftsmen.”In terms of the performance of rural areas, traditional culture and intangible cultural heritage are facing extinction. As an inheritor, I first have the obligation of inheritance. I want to start from primary school students to let them know about intangible cultural heritage and inherit intangible cultural heritage skills.(Reporter Niu Wenliang, Hou Jiaojiao, Wang Xiaoshi) Source: Comprehensive news channel of Taiyuan Radio and TELEVISION Station