He turned out to be a veteran “Zhang fan”

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According to Utopia, the publisher of Mu Xin’s works, in addition to all mu Xin’s previously published works, there are a considerable number of notebooks and loose manuscripts, estimated at more than one million words, that have never been published.Since Muxin usually does not date his work, the content and handwriting suggest that some of them were written in the 1980s, and most were written in the 1990s and the new century, until his death in 2011.These notes have no chapters, and are rarely complete in length.It ranged from names, bills, lists, tables of contents, letters, to simple book designs sketched at random, to his own cemetery.Readers are familiar with haiku, casual feelings, old style poetry, free poetry, about half.The rest, between miscellanies, memos, narratives and memories, is written at random, as if to himself or herself.Since 2017, more than 800,000 words of muxin will have been collated by many parties.December 2021, the 10th anniversary of Mu Xin’s death, the first batch of Mu Xin manuscripts, by the Republic & AMP;Shanghai Sanlian Bookstore, published in advance under the name of Mu Xin Manuscripts (a set of three volumes).Several volumes will be published each year.In the three volumes that have been published, Muxin has talked about lu Xun, Tao Yuanming, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Cao Xueqin, Mozart, Dostoevsky, Cezanne, Yesenin and so on.And the Chinese modern writer he mentioned most is Zhang Ailing, think of at any time to say a few words.Mu Xin is also a fan of Zhang, and an old one: she read Eileen Chang’s works at the age of 16 in 1943, when she was first introduced.After that, Eileen Chang’s fame soared in Shanghai. “WHEN I saw her, I was excited and happy. I searched for her works everywhere.The marriage story of Eileen Chang and Hu Lancheng has been a public case in literature circle.Mu Xin also commented: “Hu Lancheng is a politician…Seeking immediate profit…You can do it if you like.Of course, it looks like a genius.””What deserves the most tribute is Zhang’s later unfeeling towards Hu, which was absolutely cold to the bone.Not a bad voice, never look back, this is love on the dignified, pity expensive clinking.Eileen Chang won. She won by force.”The manuscript is a small folio, soft-bound, imitation kraft paper cover, much like a notebook.He knows people and makes witty remarks.It’s the kind of thing you say when you’re at your most relaxed.Such as “natural not happiness, he said mechanical not happiness, happiness is made by hand”, “we eat as a child, think to braise in soy sauce is romantic, steamed is classical, Fried is modern, now think or feel right”, “zhuge kongming” the model “, touched countless readers, is can’t touched dou “.I like to have a good time in a quiet place. Literature is about saving yourself word by word.Calligraphy is more dangerous, is to save oneself one stroke at a time “, “individuals are in a hurry, history has plenty of time”, “unfaithfulness is true, this is not strange, strange is the heart before unfaithfulness”, “I admire the healthy and fresh life of martyrs.Ji Kang went too far, no good.Tao Qian is too honest, bitter death.Han Yu, sometimes like a middle school teacher, head teacher.I don’t think much about it. I like Liu Zongyuan.”Although the sentence is short, the insight shows, the meaning is long.Mu Xin, born Sun Pu, graduated from Shanghai Art Academy and moved to New York in 1982, returning to her hometown wuzhen in her old age.He published 13 collections of essays and novels, including Reflections of Columbia, Reflections of Jonomeka, Diaries of Windsor Cemetery, Improvisational Judgments, Su Lu’s Journey, Emerson’s Evil Guest,Poetry series “Three Trees in Spain”, “My Various Passions”, “The Book of Songs”, “Balone”, “Pseudo-Solomon”, “The Lark sings all Day” (the small poem “Once upon a Time” that triggered the screen is derived from “the Lark sings all Day”), and “The Feast of Fish and Beauty”.After his death, another lecture on the history of World Literature was compiled into a book called Literary Memoirs (notes of Chen Danqing, a student attending the lecture), and as a supplement to Literary Memoirs, Mu Xin Tan Mu Xin.Chen Danqing said, wood heart talked with him a lot of private talk, no cover no cover.”When I asked him to write it down, he said,” Oh, I’ve said this before, why write it?Now I see his note, he wrote it at last, and a lot of it.”(Source: West China Metropolis Daily)