A British woman outwitted an online scammer who posed as her child and demanded money

2022-05-04 0 By

According to foreign media on January 31, a woman in the UK fell victim to an online scammer.The scam involves sending text messages from unknown numbers pretending to be the victim’s son or daughter and pretending their mobile phone is broken or lost.At the beginning, a lot of people were deceived, after all, as parents, when they heard about their children’s accidents, they would certainly be in disorder, and they had no time to think about it.June Morton, from Leeds, was also targeted when she was asked to pay an urgent bill by a text message posing as her child.Joan saw through the tricksters and decided to give them a run for their money.The scammer claimed to be Joan’s child, but his phone was broken, so he changed it to a new number.Joan says she knew she was a liar from the start, but decided to play along: “Ha ha, do they think I’m stupid?”So Joan responded to the bait: “Honey, can you tell me who you are again?”Before the scammer realised he had been betrayed, he sent another cheeky message: ‘Mum, I am your biggest and cutest child XX’.June decided to put the trickster in the game with an even more brazen response, saying: ‘Oh, my kids are quadruplets, all four are the biggest, cutest kids, which one are you?’The swindler, perhaps stunned, did not reply immediately.Joan texted them again to tell them she was worried and to tell them which of the four was it?After an hour, the swindler still did not reply to the message.So Joan sent a classic “Hello?”Ask if they’re still there. “Are you still there, honey?”Five hours later, when the scammer realized he’d been played, Joan chased him down, sending a picture of the quadruplets and asking which of them had their phone broken?But by this time, the scammer had blocked her.North Yorkshire Police warned on Facebook: “There have been a number of online scams in North Yorkshire over the past few weeks. Please be vigilant and tell your friends and family to call the police immediately if this happens so we can keep you safe.”It seems that network fraud is really everywhere, everyone should be vigilant.