Spanning 2,300 kilometers, potatoes, baby vegetables and broccoli from Xundian, Yunnan province are delivered to the dining tables of Huali students

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Xundian Huali, fighting the epidemic.On the morning of March 29, a batch of anti-epidemic supplies donated by Xundian County of Yunnan province arrived at xuhui Campus of East China University of Science and Technology.From poverty alleviation to epidemic prevention and control, Huali Xundian has worked hand in hand for ten years.In the face of the epidemic, xundian people and Huali teachers and students stand together once again.Spanning 2300 kilometers, from the south of the colorful clouds to the shore of the East China Sea, after 2 days and 2 nights of non-stop transportation, loaded with the deep friendship of xundian people, two heavy trucks after xiaoxai, into huali campus.Potatoes, baby cabbage, broccoli, mineral water…These special products from the field supplies across the mountains and seas, for “management” and come.As a close partner for the past 10 years, Huali’s epidemic prevention and control work has touched the hearts of xundian people thousands of miles away.After learning the situation of the school, the people of all ethnic groups in Search of dian immediately into the material preparation work.The vegetables are hand-picked from the fields by the villagers, and the mineral water comes from the local sweet spring. The simple people of Xundian hope to send this sincere friendship to their relatives in Shanghai.In the evening, after the chef’s careful cooking, fresh vegetables from Xundian were made into “love meal” and sent to huali teachers and students.Teachers and students praised: Join hands to overcome difficulties together, care and support from Xundian, Huali has received!Author: Wu Jinjiao Correspondent Li Chenglin Editor: Wu Jinjiao Responsible editor: Jiang Peng * Wenhui exclusive manuscript, reproduced please indicate the source.