Raiders V5 beat RNG Karsa to “repay” their old club again

2022-05-03 0 By

In 2022 LEAGUE of Legends LPL spring regular season, V5 versus RNG became the focus of the audience’s eyes!RNG has been doing well since Karsa left RNG, and the V5 team that Karsa joined is in a very good state this year, so far the two teams are ranked in the top position of the league, both only lost one match, what will the two teams spark?Will Karsa repay his old club again?Take a look!The first game Rookie and Karsa got the centaur-clockwork combination in the wild, is currently relatively strong in the wild, and RNG is selected to the plane plus jinks, Bin locked the single male gun, came up with a set of three core late lineup!V5 side of the wild choice to help the road, and RNG just the opposite to help the road, early friction finally is RNG first to gain the advantage, the next road Huangzi tower successfully hit one for two, Gala Jinks harvest head!To the middle of the Rookie caught the tiger’s plane line error, card a wave of field of vision big recruit directly pull back to the plane, the last flash down single kill!Following the V5 nakano began to power, Rookie spring and Karsa team perfect with the group, the RNG simply can not suffer, then Photic Zeri several waves of regiment reaping, the early was relatively crash of the situation, also developed through the regiment!However, IT has to be said that THE hard power of RNG is also full of toughness under such a disadvantageous situation, and the development of the last three cores makes V5 a headache!But fortunately, in the final battle of the Far Ancient dragon group, Karsa spiritual sprint increased recruit to RNG base direction to run, inserted the true eye teammate TP won the first victory by stealing home!In the end he was the MVP of the game!The second game of the two sides of the road combination or Jinkesi vs Zeri, on the single Rich took out a knife sister vs Bin male gun.Early game Rookie xiaohu will again under the tower, occupy the first line to support the road and killed Wei.In the crucial third line, Ming and Wei combined well to kill Karsa first, but Rich came around to help the team to kill the RNG down duo.Then RNG opened the dragon, V5 four hit five regiment to destroy RNG to take over the dragon.In the final round of the battle, the two teams fought in the middle, with RNG taking the lead and killing the female tan. but Karsa looped back to GALA, and Photic’s Zali scored five kills to finish the match!Win the RNG V5 has now arrived in the league ranked third, with second WBG record is the same, but small than WBG, able to see the V5 this season is really five people gather together out of the fetters of feeling, played a good game every position is great, hope the V5 will play good results, for the world “to shine!