Black Shark 5 series release: DXO video and audio ranked first in the industry, adding longitudinal pressure sensing control

2022-05-03 0 By

On the evening of 30 March, Black Shark Technology released black Shark 5 series, and launched three products: Black Shark 5, Black Shark 5 Pro and Black Shark 5 RS.In terms of performance, The Black Shark 5 Pro is equipped with a new generation of Snapdragon 8 5G mobile platform, and is added to the disk array system 2.0 to optimize sequential and random read and write capabilities.Equipped with a new anti-gravity double VC liquid cooling scheme, the total area of the cooling plate is 5320mm².The 6.67-inch OLED flexible straight screen supports ultra-high refresh rate of 144Hz. Dynamic refresh rate can be changed according to scene changes.It is worth mentioning that black Shark 5 Pro adopts the hardware combination of fully symmetrical two top-notch 1216P speakers and four customized high-dynamic microphones for mobile phone speakers. It is the first in the industry to use the 4-drive chip solution, which also makes Black Shark 5 Pro get 86 points in DXOMARK audio list again, ranking first in the industry.In terms of control experience, Black Shark 5 Pro introduces the front and rear dual sensors for the first time, supports 360° ambient brightness detection, and provides users with 16,000 level of fine brightness adjustment experience.At the same time, black Shark 5 Pro continues the design of magnetic power lifting shoulder button, and adds TouchControl master program, which improves touch computing power by 20% and touch response speed by 15%.In the two-zone screen pressure sensing technology has been fully upgraded, in the plane touch dimension on the basis of the increase of longitudinal pressure sensing control mode.In terms of high frame rate game adaptation, Black Shark 5 series now supports many high frame rate game resources such as New Land of Warcraft (144Hz), Honor of Kings (120Hz) and League of Legends mobile Game (90Hz).In terms of appearance design, Black Shark 5 Pro has two kinds of meteorite black and Tiangong white, black Shark 5 has three kinds of dark space black, dawn white and explore gray, black Shark 5 RS has two kinds of sky black and bright star yellow.At the same time, Black Shark science and technology officially released the IP name with the China Aerospace Federation.Price-wise, the Black Shark 5 series will officially go on sale on April 2.Black Shark 5 comes in three versions, starting at 2,799 yuan;Black Shark 5 Pro comes in three versions, starting at 4,199 yuan;Black Shark 5 RS is available in two versions, including 8+256GB with Snapdragon 888 chip, priced at 3,299 yuan, and 12+256GB with Snapdragon 888 Plus chip, priced at 3,799 yuan.Black Shark 5 China Space Edition (12+256GB) priced at 3,499 yuan;Black Shark 5 Pro China Aerospace Edition (16+512GB) is priced at 5,999 yuan.