We will strengthen traffic guard for the Spring Festival and ensure that people can get home smoothly

2022-05-02 0 By

Hutian town as the West gate of Yuan Zhou District, Yici Road, new 320 national Road, Jinxiu Avenue, Hukun high speed through.The Spring Festival traffic pressure increases year by year, in order to ensure the people’s safe travel, orderly travel, on a stable unity, peace, happy Spring Festival, Hutian town Party Committee, the government attaches great importance to traffic order maintenance work, comprehensive deployment of traffic order maintenance, smooth people home.Traffic order maintenance will last for 16 days until Feb 15.All town and village cadres were mobilized to grid all-weather duty on key sections of town, clear division of labor and responsibilities, and arrange special personnel to guide vehicles to pass in an orderly manner in important sections.At the same time, the formation of mobile group for temporary emergency dispatch, disposal of emergencies.At present, the township sections of vehicles orderly, smooth traffic.Passing by the masses have said: “Before the Spring Festival most afraid to walk yizi highway Hutian section, a block at least an hour, but this year but all the way unimpeded, is the most want to go home, hutian town government this kind of traffic guidance intimate service warm heart.Hutian Town Longjian Zhu Chen