Can’t afford to lose?Fall depends on the ice, The Chinese team won by the referee walk and two Koreans?

2022-05-02 0 By

China’s short track speed skating team won the first gold medal of the Winter Olympics by beating the mighty Italy in the 2,000-meter mixed relay.South Korea, a strong short-track speed skating team, made a serious mistake in the first round and was eliminated directly.After the game, many Korean media expressed their views on the game, but most of them were looking for objective reasons for the Korean team’s elimination. At the same time, some media thought that The Chinese team could win the championship, relying on the referee’s “walk” and the credit of the two Koreans, a little mean that they can’t afford to lose.There is no denying that The South Korean team does have a big advantage in this event and they are the favorites to win this competition, but mistakes are part of the game and it is normal for players to make mistakes and fall during the competition. They can only blame their own bad luck.However, The South Korean media do not think so, they directly blame the ice in the stadium, they think that there must be something wrong with the ice in the stadium frequently players fall down, and even some South Korean netizens think that the ice is not smooth, is fake ice.China’s victory in the 2,000-meter mixed relay was also a blow to Korea’s pride.South Korean media reported the sports north Korea in the event that there are three key points, the Chinese team to win one of those, Wu Dajing and fei new sprint ability is very strong, in addition, China’s coach of the team Jin Shantai and viktor ahn’s role is very big, each round of the command is very well, the last point is the Chinese team to take care of by the referee, also can saying is “home court advantage”.Among these three key points, in addition to the first point is to affirm the Chinese players, the other two points are still looking for objective reasons.First of all, it is normal to hire foreign coaches. There are many Chinese table tennis coaches abroad, which is a normal talent exchange in itself. In addition, the success of athletes is naturally attributed to coaches, but their own efforts and foundation are the fundamental.As for the referee’s personal leave, it was true that the United States committed fouls in the semifinals, so that China, ranked third, advanced to the final regardless of whether it was home or not. As China’s head coach Jin Shantai said, “it’s up to the referee to decide.”Winning or losing is a common thing for a soldier. Competitive sports itself is a mixture of wins and losses. If you win, you should not be arrogant or impetuous, and if you lose, you should not sum up enough.