A car owner angry at charging 650 to drive 40km on behalf of the driver said: “No one is a fool.

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Recently, Haikou, Hainan Province.The woman was asked to drive the car for less than 40 kilometers, but was charged 650 yuan.The woman questioned, “You charge me 650 for 40 kilometers. Do you think it’s ok?No one is a fool. If the fee meets the price regulation, we can pay twice as much.Comments:Call each year dozens of generations of driving, must call platform that e generation of driving, for example, don’t shout at dinner drinking place driving this site called generation driving basic black generation is driving, dressed in run generation before driving confuse you, this black generation drive at least 20% higher than normal platform, generation drive billing App on their mobile phone can change price range,It depends on how drunk you are and how much you charge but you can’t get away with 20% more.650 will only place orders on the platform after learning, looking for regular driving, appropriate ah.At least now can also post, have seen the blackest generation of driving, borrow the owner to drink, can not control their own emotions, provoke the owner to start, they do not fight back, you guess the result is how painful understanding