This tweet gives you an idea of what it means to be a soldier.

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What is the “flavor of the New Year” is “the festival when the song keep, the New Year candle welcome” the old buxin is “last night fight back to the north, the present age from the east” high confidence reunion, festival, peace, blessing are also the flavor of the most refreshing but in the dictionary of the soldiers,”Hit” but there are many annotations articles out of the unique “hit” military barracks of the lives of soldiers, after the festival atmosphere is wanjiadenghuo “of war to defend state” in family day most of them are riveting the lights of the motherland people’s laughter on jobs is that they wish to stand forever, hold steel fear cold,Guard the four sides to adhere to is their unique flavor of the New Year, the taste of the military is the parting of homesickness, wearing this uniform, means that the responsibility is on the shoulders of the small family, but everyone is the duty of a soldier. I can’t remember how many years have not been at home for the New Year, only through a phone call, a letter to express my thoughts,V. do bearing full of deep feeling love makes thousands of miles apart their heart tightly connected with the family that is Chinese New Year the most vivid portrait of the soldier but their “hit” is not confined to this also can be decorated, beaming lights, pull bunting, stick grilles of red lanterns hanging up elegantly bright red banner flag flies painting includes Spring Festival couplets, write Spring Festival couplets, necessary instruments manually the officers and menThe “New Year flavor” of @ has become a beautiful scenery line of the military camp. It can also be the busy figures of the officers and soldiers and their families shuttling in the small dining hall where they gather together and share with each other. Colorful cotton candy, crispy sugar gourd, golden popcorn…The soldiers and their families work together to create mouth-watering snacks each one of which is an amazing delicacy.May not eat mother’s dinner table but this way let the officers and men to obtain full of happiness, a military camp exclusive gala officers and men have walked onto the stage by co-writing and play play their own ideas with their talent tell us about the people and things around the dedication for everybody a wonderful show barracks of the festival atmosphere more powerful may also be counter-productive, angryPassionate interest games cadres warriors game entertainment scene atmosphere relaxed and happy together “unlocked” your happy holiday balloon running, leggings, brick moved across a wide variety of interesting games project unusually hot a tug-of-war contest out “force mountain xi qi gaishi” pull drive through a rope to officers and men of cohesion and centripetal force together to form a strong force pulled up tiger air, drawingOut of the blood of soldiers just a basketball game out of friendship, the game out of vitality let the sweat to enjoy the swing in tactics and confrontation between the collision of passion sparks in the cheering squad Shouting in the game to show the unique charm of the team members fall over each other, chasing competition……Here soldiers spent a warm, happy, unforgettable year!Soldiers of the “year” word a pen writing dragon city fly will still today in a row depicting every festival times think of relatives in the barracks of the “year” and “battle” blend together firecrackers, family gather, lanterns belong to them, stick to the battle position, guarding the lights is their responsibility this year,I also wish them a warm, happy, auspicious, let us still stick to the combatant in the battle to say happy New Year!