Small emboli to Su Yiming, good

2022-05-01 0 By

If I hadn’t been told, I didn’t think that Su yiming was the plug in the new movie Lin Hai Xue Yuan. After watching the replay, sure enough, the champion cool guy who took off the goggles and mask was the plug!This crossover I didn’t know that I am to blame yourself ill-informed, know too little about this project, actually was initially attracted to this game is not solely for China is likely to take gold medal, but by the players the freedom of imagination manner attracted, so young, so free flying, there is a detail,After the dance, Su yiming took out a movement similar to a mobile phone and operated it several times. She should have turned off the music, which made me happier. It was so nice to compete while listening to music!Then there is no mutual hatred between the opponents, they encourage each other and comfort each other as friends. This is pure sportsmanship!When I saw the new version of Lin Hai Xue Yuan, I could not remember many details. I felt that erguotou was in a red wine bottle.What can remember is liang Jiahui performs the nose of the mountain carve, that false is funny, another is small embolus, northeast words is pure, small look is quite stubborn!Local silver!At that time, I thought that the child’s skiing was a special effect, but now I understand that this is a professional cast!It’s nice!This winter Olympics is not in vain, happy, young people should be like this, hard, serious, free, independent, happy to enjoy their own life, have the best results!