Settle!The first battle time of the Year of the Ping Tiger comes out, 28 masters of the peak duel!

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Time to February, the Lunar New Year, the world table Tennis tournament will be staged.Recently, there is an exciting news for football fans: the time and name list of the first game of China Table Tennis year of the Tiger have been determined, 28 China table tennis masters have signed up!This is the WTT Amancascade Challenge, which is scheduled to start on February 27th.The country ping plans to send Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan and other 28I masters to participate.Wang Chuqin, who just won the men’s single gold medal in Macao championship two days ago, has also signed up. There are still more than 20 days to go, and fans can enjoy the performance of masters again!However, there is one less good news is that because this is a station WTT conventional challenge, so in order to protect the most players in the history of the enthusiasm, so for the high points of the players have a certain quota restrictions, so like Wang Man yu Chen Meng Sun Yingsha these top players are not participating, but give more opportunities to young players.The registration list of China Ping is as follows: 01 men’s team 16: Liang Jingkun, Lin Gaoyuan, Wang Chuqin, Lin Shidong, Yuan Licen, Xu Yingbin, Xiang Peng, Xu Haidong, Zhao Zihao, Zhou Qihao, Sun Wen, Yu Ziyang, Xue Fei, Liu Dingshuo, Zhang Yudong, Cao Wei.Liang Jingkun and Lin Gaoyuan, as well as Wang Chuqin, are all world champions in the men’s table Tennis team.But the three are in a different state.Just finished in Macau championship, big Fat lost to Ma Long in the first round, and Wang Chuqin beat Ma Long, also beat Lin Gaoyuan in the final, is in good shape.Young players Lin Shidong, Xiang Peng and Xu Yingbin all performed very well, beating Zhou Qihao, Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong respectively.Zhao Zihao and Xue Fei are both straight-shot players, and they must stand up to inherit the straight-shot.Cao Wei once reached the final of mixed doubles with Wang Manyu in the National Games.Chen Xingtong, Qian Tianyi, He Zhuojia, Zhang Rui, Kuaiman, Liu Weishan, Chen Yi, Shi Xunyao, Fan Siqi, Yang Huijing, Zhu Sibing, Qi Fei, Chen Xingtong is currently the best in the women’s team, she is also expected to win the championship.For Chen Xingtong, in order to compete in the new cycle, must seize every opportunity.Kueman’s current rising momentum is very obvious, no matter in singles or mixed doubles, has a strong competitiveness.He Zhuojia and Zhang Rui as the country ping senior sparring partner, now the opportunity is really used to pay for every time.Qian Tianyi is a young player that the National Ping team focuses on training at present. Because she is a left-handed player, she mainly competes in doubles and mixed doubles, but she still needs to work hard on her performance.Singles is also the key element she needs to break through.After the regular WTT challenge, the 2022 season will be coming, the World Table Tennis Trials will start soon, and the first WTT Grand Slam will also be announced!