Revealing the secret of a mask’s refreshing, soothing breath is a real deal

2022-05-01 0 By

In special times, masks are always on your body every day, no matter when you go out by bus or subway, or when you go shopping, or even when you go to work, attend meetings or go on business trips.Wearing a mask for a long time is not only easy to get out of breath, resulting in dizziness and sleepiness, but also easy to be disgusted by their own saliva taste to……Do you have such trouble?Mint atmosphere introduced fresh face mask dew, especially suitable for office workers, commuters, people out.The refreshing lotion contains menthol, peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil extracts, which can cool and refresh and bring a pleasant breathing experience.White is mint green tea flavor, cool mint with a trace of quiet tea fragrance, fresh and pleasant;Black is peppermint eucalyptus, double eucalyptus oil, more fragrant, cooler, stronger, permeates the mask and drives away the feeling of breathlessness and breathlessness.If you want to breathe fresh with a mask, you must use a peppermint mask.Unscrew the bottle cap, tap the bottom of the bottle on the outside of the mask, and drop two or three drops on the mask.A bottle contains about 200 drops;After using the mask, the mask with fresh dew allows you to breathe freely, which is very fresh and comfortable. You are not afraid of the muggy and damp mask, but can breathe freely. It is suitable for travel and car ride.Knock on the fresh and exposed bottom of the mask, drop the essential oil on the outside of the mask, and you can feel fresh and reduce the discomfort of wearing the mask, as if you are in the mint forest, the whole world is full of fresh fragrance, and the nose is instantly unobpatently.No matter how many times you smell it, it’s refreshing and relaxing.Friends who like fresh mint smell must carry this mint fragrance mask with them, especially those who smoke and have bad breath.Mint atmosphere masks and fresh lulu, can last several hours at a time, bring the nose clear feeling, at the same time ease when wearing a mask of unpleasant pungent odor, especially when you feel uncomfortable wearing the same mask for a long time, or when you eat and drink smell strongly of the food, the taste in your mouth hard to describe.When you want to breathe as fresh as possible, you can add a mask to freshen up as needed, and a small one can be conveniently placed in your bag.It smells nice, not too pungent, and doesn’t hurt your nose, skin or eyes.Although this little tube can get about 200 drops, even if you use it every day, it should last for a month.Wearing masks like this makes life fresher!