Rescue 1 month!Olympic gymnast who died as a newlywed less than six months ago had ridiculed and opposed vaccines

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After the positive diagnosis, he spent more than a month in intensive care and was kept alive by a ventilator.On January 25, Beijing time, 2000 Sydney Olympic rings gold medalist Silvestre – Kosolani of Hungary unfortunately died at the age of 51.Last July, Kosolani had just accomplished another big event in his life, marrying his current wife.Born in 1970, Kosolani is famous in the gymnastics world. His rings have always been among the best in the world. In 1996, Kosolani finished second in the Atlanta Olympics.At the 1998 European Games in St. Petersburg, Kosolani was an undisputed winner.At the age of 30, Kosolani won the 2000 Sydney Olympics by a landslide.Although the same period of Chinese men’s gymnastics emerged a number of famous stars, but before Chen Yibing appeared, China’s men’s rings can only hope it (Kossolani).After retirement, Kosolani did not leave gymnastics, he transformed into a gymnastics coach, moving from one gymnastics club to another.The Olympic brand worked, and Mr. Kossolani won the trust of many parents.Under his coaching, the ability of the small players grew rapidly.Against the backdrop of the virus, Mr. Kossolani has been anti-vaccination, and he has refused to be vaccinated.Last September, Kosolani, who works in Austria, was informed that he would not be allowed to teach gymnastics if he continued to refuse vaccinations.To make a living, Kossolani had to be vaccinated.At the time, he posted a mocking image with a caption on social media.He was tested positive in December after being rushed to hospital after feeling unwell.Always strong and healthy, Kosolani’s health deteriorated and he was rushed to intensive care.His new wife couldn’t be with him, so she gave him a pep talk by phone.Kosolani spent the next month in the ICU, but he died on January 25.Kosolani’s death caused a furore, with Hungary’s prime minister paying tribute and the Hungarian Gymnastics Federation saying: “Kosolani was not only an Olympic champion, not only achieved outstanding results as an athlete, but was also an excellent husband and a wonderful father.””This is really sad news, may God be with you!” gymnastics legend Comaneci said on social media.