With the release of ET-I All-engine superhybrid, the tech car company brings another “black technology”.

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Technical gold content is the key index of whether an automobile enterprise can break through in the fierce market competition.On January 7th, “Star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid” technology was officially released, representing EXEED starway’s official entry into the new energy hybrid field.The technology is “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” key national development plan “new energy vehicles,” one of the important special, during the whole technology engines, celebrity automotive engineers to conquer the system structure of the complex, engine control, transmission, drive motor control and vehicle control the depth of the coupling of many problems, created the Chinese intellectual property rights (hybrid new path.This “Star Nuclear power ET-I all-engine super hybrid” power structure, by virtue of the power combination of fuel engine and full-function DHT gearbox, realizes the core technical advantages of “3 engines, 3 gears, 9 modes and 11 speeds”, which is the leading technology in the industry.At the same time, combined with intelligent control system and high-performance battery pack, the performance has been qualitatively leap-forward, reaching the level of the second-generation hybrid system.Specifically looking at the meaning of these data, “3 engines” refers to the intelligent combination of internal combustion engine and dual drive motor under the power structure, including 1.5T, 1.5TGDI and 2.0TGDI three special hybrid engines, of which the 1.5T engine can produce 115kW of power and a maximum of 230n. m of torque;And two motors integrated in the DHT box, respectively 55kW / 160n. m, 70kW / 155n. m, both motors can participate in the drive, specific power up to 6.0KW /kg, the highest transmission efficiency of the system is more than 97.6%, reaching the same level of Japanese products.It is worth mentioning that Star nuclear Power created the FIO fixed-point injection oil cooling technology, which can effectively control the temperature rise of the motor and extend its service life. After > 30,000 hours of bench verification and accumulation, as well as >5 million km of vehicle verification and accumulation, it has been confirmed that the motor can reach 1.5 times the average service life of the industry.””3 gears” means that this power structure has the largest 3 physical gears among the existing hybrid technologies. More gears also determine that the system can deal with more working conditions, with higher efficiency, and can optimally balance power and fuel consumption.”9 mode” refers to its unique 9 modes of operation.Including single motor pure electric, double motor pure electric, engine direct drive, parallel drive, parking charging, driving charging and other 9 driving modes, can be under the control of intelligent system, according to different driving scenarios for free switching, to the most suitable and efficient mode to match different road conditions.This is also the strong generation difference advantage of the second generation hybrid system compared with the first generation hybrid system.”11 speed” refers to the way the car engineers through the comprehensive analysis of the tens of thousands of data, from which the selected 11 car can cover all scenarios of gear combinations, covers both users may encounter include urban commuter extreme conditions to travel long distances, such as almost all of the driving scene, and to achieve perfect balance of power and energy consumption.This is also a strong generation difference advantage of the second generation hybrid system compared with the first generation hybrid system.”9-mode and 11-speed” makes its fuel saving rate reach the world’s leading level, and the fuel saving rate in low-power mode is more than 50%.Fuel saving rate > 55% in urban condition and > 35% in high-speed condition.Star road said, “star nuclear power ET-I all-engine super mix” has “strong power, super smooth, long endurance, extremely fuel saving” four advantages, the total power of the two-drive version reaches 240kW, the maximum wheel edge torque is more than 4000N.m, 100 km acceleration is less than 7s, the total power of the four-drive version 338kW, the maximum wheel edge torque is more than 6300N.m,100 kilometers into the 4s.Especially in the high-speed range of power reserve and acceleration ability is particularly outstanding, at the same time under the TSD dual-axis drive technology, there is no power interruption and power loss in the process of shifting, smoothness comparable to pure electric vehicles.Among them, 1.5T hybrid special engine matching intelligent dual motor torque distribution and intelligent hybrid control system, transmission efficiency reaches 97.6%, comprehensive fuel consumption can reach 1L/100km, feed fuel consumption is 4.8L/100km.In the “star nuclear power ET-I all-engine super hybrid” technology first model – Star Road Chase wind ET-I, the standard version can achieve pure electric driving range of 105km, comprehensive driving range of more than 1000km.Technology has always been the foundation of EXEED. In the automotive industry’s transition from fuel era to new energy era, the importance of hybrid technology is increasingly prominent.Today, the release of “Star nuclear power ET-I all-engine superhybrid” technology adds a strong weight to EXEED star road in the following competitive market.With the launch of EXEED ET-I, the first model equipped with the technology, it is expected that EXEED will perform well in the future.