Some personal speculations about the statue of Jiang Kun

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There is something to be said about the statue of Jiang Kun.According to netizens exposure, the location of jiang Kun statue is located in Baofeng County, Baisheng County, Ludao Township, China. Ma Jie Shu will enter the national intangible cultural heritage, the statue is not only Jiang Kun, but also Liu Lanfang, Liu Lanfang, Changxiang City and others.In fact, Jiang Kun is still in the world, in the statue, standing on the horse street book, made of counter shelves, it will not come.In short, Jiang Kun sculpts in the image because he is representing the celebrity.According to network information, in 2006, Jiang Kun followed Dai Zhicheng in Baodai, Henan, and participated in ma Jie Shu’s performance.That is to say, Jiang Kun and Baofeng County majieshu will have an early origin.After that, baofeng County’s national intangible cultural heritage song project exhibition activities will not be related, and as a representative of the mainstream cross talk, ginger is not so ginger.Jiang Kun and Baofeng, I have a long term, I have an intake.I don’t know if the statue of Jiang Kun is already standing.However, there is one thing to be sure, Jiang Kun and Baofeng Ma Jie book, the relationship has been full.Over the years, Baofeng has activities, jiang Kun is good for friendship.For obligation, he is always an inextricable appearance, as a representative of what the audience is performing.I don’t believe baofeng has jiang Kun’s sculpture, jiang Kun doesn’t know.Perhaps responsible for the statue, will be happy to Jiang Kun, please call Jiang: Jiang, we baofeng made a group of excellent figure statues, deliberately give you one.Jiang Kun listened to his heart: No, not allowed, what can I do, I can enter the statue now.Related: Do it!Along with our old friends over the years, good company is also enough to provide.And, it is not just your statue, we have carved many excellent figures for baofeng people to appreciate.You come to both sides come to me, push to it, jiangkun past, this is a default value.But maybe he doesn’t know that many people go out in many statues…Pengge, I personally speculate that the statue of Jiang Kun is standing in Baofeng, he is also half a thing before, just like baofeng old friend, he is also kidnapping on stage, it will not come.If he had known that his statue would cause such a storm, he would have had to refuse anyway.The Chinese are watching Lin Feng’s wood show and Gun is playing with his birds.Jiang Kun lives a good life, but like this, there is always a feeling.However, you must say Baofeng, carry Jiang Kun, Jiang Kun himself do not know, I do not believe.This kind of thing, nobody does it themselves, they do it privately, that is, don’t want to be a good thing, but who will have an advantage.Everyone has a question about jiang Kun’s statue, in some ways, on the one hand, he has a dragon, how can you stand up?Secondly, what he has achieved is that it does not have enough qualifications, especially when it is alive, it must speak out.Most importantly, now Jiang Kun, although it is over 70, but it is an image, it is too early.It is far from seizing the moment.Finally, Bunger, I came to the conclusion that Baofeng was wearing a brown-nosing, but unfortunately shot in the leg of the horse to Jiang Kun black.Old Jiang is also a bitter, can’t