“In ninety by big guy spoiled day” wear men cannon fodder ex-wife, she decisively sent him to Japanese

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Dear friends, is there a shortage of books again? As a veteran bookworm, XIAobian also has the same feeling. Therefore, xiaobian is happy to share all kinds of good novels with everyone every day to ease the shortage of books.Small make up recommend everyone today: “in the days of rates are bosses indulgence” dressed as male main cannon fodder ex-wife, decisive send him tying her first: “in the days of rates are bosses indulgence” author: R fire fire introduction: wake up, Gu Qing across to the “nouveau riche little wife” this book, became a nouveau riche cannon fodder ex-wife’s role.Fortunately, not married, far from the male master safe.Into the pit guide: “in ninety be big guy spoil the day” wear into men cannon fodder ex-wife, she decisively sent him she slightly looked up, this just see clearly to help her grab back the bag, is just rummaging in the trash can for the handsome wallet.He had short, neat hair, a tall, straight figure, delicate features, and clear black eyes staring at himself.She stared blankly at the man in front of her.”Lady, your bag!”Gu Qing took the bag from the handsome boy’s hand, “Thank you, thank you so much.May I have your name, Sir?You’ve been very helpful.How can I thank you?”Your eyes have been falling in the eyes of gu Qing left middle finger of the ring, the ring he is too familiar with.It was a token of his love to Gu Qing.Later, because of the bad things in the family, he never dare to bother Gu Qing, just want to wait for himself strong enough to protect her to be able to have the qualification to appear in front of her.The little girl who had chased after her and called her ‘little brother’ with a squeaky voice was now a tall woman, independent, smart and beautiful.But who knows after the meeting she inexplicably disappeared, followed by their own inexplicable came to the 90’s.But could this thin, malnourished girl really be his girl?(click below free reading) the second: “wear 70 male master for fine original match” author: Meng SAN girl introduction: the new jin after the film saw a time article, opened his eyes became a body fat in the article, every day to make day to make the cannon fodder male master yuan match.Into the pit guide: Joe cold seems to say what, Jin Yunnuan far away, did not hear clearly.However, in the rage of Zhou Lieying apparently did not listen to his words, directly let gold and gold brother Joe cold brother to frame out of the yard.Then, with a bang, the door swung shut.Qiao Suo Cold weight is not stable, fell to the ground, the basket of wild fruit scattered all over the ground, looking extremely distressed.However, even if so embarrassed, also cannot cover up qiao Cable cold outstanding male color.The sun was blazing, and Joso’s dark, sweaty hair lay soft on his forehead. A drop of sweat ran down his full forehead, down the bridge of his high nose, his thin lips, his white neck, his sharp collarbone, and into his gray shirt.Think her past life in the entertainment circle in the past ten years, met countless male stars, also on her company president Qiao Han’s appearance can and he compared.Qiao Cable cold feel a hot line of sight, along to see the past, saw standing in the distance of the Jin Yunnuan, black eyes quickly flashed a wipe of disgust.(click below read for free) the 3rd: “wear 70 small group pet” author: Win long introduce: wear a book hind, Shen Qibao cannot understand, originally that regard heroine as white moonlight big villain, why became her this vicious female match of small tail?Into the pit guide: “that jiang Zhou elder brother you can promise me a thing?”Shen Qibao looked at him with expectation, Gu Jiangzhou’s heart.”What is it?” he said softly.You say.””No matter what happens in the future, Jiangzhou brother do not good with Shen Qiaoqiao, good duck?”Gu Narrowed her eyes and looked at Shen qibao.Thought five years old little girl, know like pretty much.Does she know what it means for a boy to be “nice” to a girl?Gu Jiangzhou was very suspicious.His eyes reveal a “crafty” light, blunt little wench nodded: “good, I promise you, not good with others.”Only with you.Gu Jiangzhou in the heart silently added a.Where does Shen Qibao know his heart?Seeing Gu Jiangzhou agreed to her request, happy to jump up!”Jiangzhou brother, you are really too good!”A new round of rainbow fart blows again…(Click below to read for free) The above is xiaobian shared books, I hope you like it, a lot of praise and pay attention to xiaobian, if you want to say with xiaobian, you can also leave a message below, xiaobian will continue to bring you good books.Time article: The rebirth of the era, looking at the strong heroine, and want to counterattack the female match, she decided to…Time article: In the time of rebirth, she has superb medical skills to cure the lame junge and enjoys the title of military sister-in-law