A 38-point victory!Doncic (25+8) retired, curry (18+9) made the change, the Warriors welcomed the three good

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The Warriors beat the Mavericks 130-92 at home on Jan. 26, Beijing time.Or by many fans are looking forward to the game, after all, the lone ranger’s recent good form, the two teams meet now thought it was a powerful strong dialogue, but it is not thought is depressed loner performance, the game on a one-sided situation, the warriors in the first half is pulled open the score, in the third quarter of the resistance force of lone ranger is not too much,The fourth quarter went straight to garbage time, and the Warriors won a 38-point blowout.In the first quarter, the Mavericks were in good shape, with Klay and Curry responding, but the Mavericks took a two-point lead thanks to Doncic.Later in the game wiggins began to power, plus Curry, Payton play golden State to open the lead, after the Mavericks offensive slump, Brunson scoring struggled, but the Warriors continued to expand the lead, the end of the first quarter by nine points.The Mavericks went on a 9-0 run in the second quarter, but bielitsa and Kuminga quickly secured the lead and brunson scored to cut golden State’s lead to four.Hardaway rallied after a timeout, but Klay’s 3-pointer burst helped golden State pull away and the Mavericks trailed by 11.Doncic struggled through the rest of the game as the Warriors led by as many as 17 points before scoring late to stop the skid and put the Mavericks down by 12 at halftime.The Warriors extended their lead in the third quarter as the Mavericks fell behind by as many as 20 points.Later in the game, Klobel helped his team score, but Poole and others responded, and the Warriors still had a big lead. Both teams played offensively in the final period, and the Warriors led by 19 points after three quarters.The fourth quarter wasn’t much of a stretch, as the Warriors kept piling on the lead and the Mavericks couldn’t get close in garbage time, leading to a blowout loss for the Mavericks.Doncic had a good game, but the rest of the Mavericks struggled and he finished with 25 points, eight rebounds and three assists.Hardaway Jr. broke the fifth metatarsal bone in his left foot, according to NBA reporter Marc Stein. The Mavericks will update hardaway at an appropriate time.It’s fair to say the news was hard on the Lone Ranger.And garage to make changes in the game, after all, before the Treasury will sell more 3-pointers in the game, three points but now in poor condition, so the game database is to more cic, and make such a change to garage efficiency is high, the match end garage got 18 points, nine rebounds and seven assists in the data.At the same time, the Warriors also welcomed three good things in this game. First, Wiggins regained some form in the game. The impact of Wiggins’ poor performance in the previous games was not small, but now it is good for the Warriors to see Wiggins in good form.The second good thing is that Klay also had a good performance. Although Klay did not perform well on the defensive end, it was undoubtedly good news for the Warriors to see klay hit three Pointers. Klay finished the game with 15 points, 2 rebounds and 6 assists.Third is good & poor’s in the game to play, in the past & poor’s concern on the bench, but now & can play in the game should have, this is undoubtedly delighted warriors, because such warriors can continue to make clay league, the match s&p had 17 points 2 rebounds 3 assists data.