5 tier 9 special tanks, including the British medium tank and the Soviet Tank with 3 rounds

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Hey guys, this is Tank zero.Today is the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month, tomorrow is the first day of the first lunar month, I wish you all a happy New Year!Thank you all for your support in the past, and I hope you can join us more in the future!There is still no news about the new battle Pass for 2022, from what I understand, there will definitely be 3 battle Pass events this year, with some new additions compared to last year.This “new design” may include the new tier 9 bonus special tanks. Today we will take a look at some of the tier 9 special tanks that have not been added to the public beta server.The project 752 IS the tier 9 S special heavy tank. If you don’t count the ST-II twin-barreled tank, it will be the first S tank with a magazine. The TIER 8 IS-3A IS a pre-loaded drum heavy tank.But the mechanism is different.It was revealed as early as 1.7.1, but WG has been testing it up to now, and it seems to be very slow in its construction, it was only in the last six months that the appearance maps were added, but everything else is fixed.Object 752 uses a “swinging turret” design, but it is similar to the KRV/M-IV-Y design, with the lower part of the turret extending upwards for improved defense: but it is not as good as the current object 752 data…Pretty average.The gun is a 122 M62 with a nerf of 390 and a penetration of 248/318. It has a 3-round magazine, a small reload of 3.2 seconds, or 1170 health per shot, but also has poor gun control data and mobility, but has a -8° depression.The tank’s face was thick, but the canopy was large and brittle, and the hull defense was similar to that of the Object 777 TYPE II.I personally am not looking forward to this car….Object 590 now it looks like this. Object 590 is also S, but it is a special medium tank.It or the latest news in October last year, the selling point of this car IS that it IS the first S prefill cartridge drum, mechanisms, and IS as reverse – 3 – a prefill (fill empty shells play fastest) can look it seems to pay all for this mechanism – single-shot 320 damage, wear a deep,4.3 225/268 seconds small packing (in the future, rhino 4:The DPM is also quite ordinary, but the gun control is heavy tank level, only -5° depression Angle, and the defense power can be compared to the T-54.To be honest, the Object 590, aside from the pre-loaded cartridge and health, is a tier 8 tank, and it’s not even a very good one to throw at the current 8 gold.Now it looks like the Object 590 is pretty good, if it comes into the game in its current state, it will be the worst tier 9 special tank WG will make in 2021.How can a tier 9 medium tank with poor depression and bad gun control be played?Using that three-shot magazine to force a health swap with the enemy?4.3 seconds of small loading don’t give yourself to die….The Cobra is a tier 9 Y special medium tank, it was first revealed in spring 2020, but at that time it was a “half-tank”, WARgaming only made half of the data available, the other half was not, it was patched up later.The Cobra is a bit like caliban, both extreme tanks.120 gun 4 rounds magazine, small reload takes 1.33 seconds!The premium HESH has 515 penetration and 219 penetration per shot, and has a speed of 1065, which means on paper it can do 2060 damage in 3.99 seconds.Now that the HE2.0 has been changed, HESH is an “AP-like” ammo that can’t be blocked by tracks and other modules. It’s still absorbed by gap armor, but I think it’s still pretty scary.Cobra’s defense is “ok”, not as good as KRV/ Emir II’s and can still get away with it.Add to that 1600 base HP, it’s a pretty tasty operation.The base accuracy is poor, the circle time is long, this is a close vehicle – close to the 1.33 second small reload reload magazine, then leave, after the reload to sell health round, basically that’s how to play.It’s a car with obvious advantages and disadvantages. It’s interesting.The Lorraine 50T is a tier 9 heavy tank of the F-series. It was introduced at the same time as the Cobra, and changed at the same time.This tank can be considered the “Sutton monster” of the Lorraine 40T and AMX M4 1951, WG completely changed it into a “fake medium tank” in the last two changes, greatly improving its fire control and mobility, while weakening its hull protection, which makes it more extreme.And the output of the new Lorraine 50T is still a problem, the base DPM is not even 1800, the conqueror base DPM is 2200.Difficult to understand high mobility, iron head, large depression Angle, brittle body, DPM slag.My assessment of the car remains the same: not strong, but probably interesting.The gameplay is estimated to be mixed with medium tanks at the beginning, relying on maneuvers and iron head grab points, and then relying on maneuvers to turn the field and support in the middle, which is the standard assault heavy tank gameplay.However, considering the fragile hull, the Lorraine 50T is a really good tank.And with the current map design, will the Lorraine 50T really be useful?- UDES 03 Alt 3UDES 03 Alt 3 is a tier 9 special medium tank for the V series. It was originally added to the supertest in version 1.8, the data, maps and models are all ready for WG to release.The reason I haven’t told you about it is that it has extremely poor performance. The main gun is a 105-gun with a single 360 and 252/284 penetration. It also has automatic pneumatic suspension, but its turret is extremely crisp, which means it’s not as good overall as the UDES 16 on Tier 9 coins.- it will get 8 gold at tier 8, maybe WG won’t like it, it’s really awkwardWrite at the end everyone should learn to distinguish between special car and COINS you must learn to distinguish between special car and COINS, like when I chat WZ – 114, I said it was following the Swedish magnitude 9 gold heavy Strv K, WG officially launched the second magnitude 9 gold car (if you count the informal WZ120G, that is the third stage), then some friends said,Did you forget about the T-55A?But t-55A they are special cars, there is no profit.Gold vehicle and special vehicle is as follows: the relationship between vehicle and special vehicle can get more gold COINS combat experience, occupant gold vehicle and special vehicle can free conversion from silver car occupants of the same type with impunity, without training, from the gold car and special car to silver, silver and silver car between no gold COINS on the car with the additional “more:- so far, only two tier 9 premium tanks — Strv K and WZ-114 — can earn bonds from battle, the rest are tier 10 only.As for the way the 5 Tier 9 special tanks were acquired, I’m guessing that some of them were awarded for this year’s Battle Pass campaign.If WG wants to do something new with this year’s Battle Pass campaign, they will probably put all 5 tanks in it at once.However, the probability of this is very low, most likely the current 5 tanks (Kunze, K-91 PT, etc.) will be added to the rotation, and different vehicles will be redeemable for each stage, which will increase the appetite of players.Of course, this is just speculation, it’s up to WARgaming to figure out what to do.As for the tier 10 special vehicle project 780, it has not been announced yet, so don’t ask.One thing is for sure, no matter what new cars are added or what new trends are coming, I will try my best to get them reviewed and reported to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!I am Anabel, Kato, always for the vital interests of our players.If you like my car review, please forward to share propaganda, let more drivers home.To learn more