Winter Olympics release | Beijing Chaoyang: “a museum a policy, a shop a policy” to promote the winter Olympics epidemic prevention

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Guangming Network (reporter Kong Fanxin) February 4, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games began.As the main carrying area of “Double Olympic City”, Beijing Chaoyang District has 3 competition venues and 8 non-competition venues.Meng Rui, deputy head of Beijing Chaoyang District people’s Government, said at a press conference of the 2022 Beijing Press Center on Thursday that The district has firmly grasped the requirements of “simplicity, safety and splendor” to ensure the service of all venues.Meng Rui, deputy head of Beijing Chaoyang District People’s Government.Photo by Kong Fanxin/Olympic Park public area in Beijing.Meng rui introduced that the Public area of Beijing Olympic Park is the largest outdoor venue operation area in Beijing. There are two competition venues and two non-competition venues in the public area. 75 sports events and 32 award ceremonies will be held in the public area, and about 2,000 vehicles of all kinds will pass through the area every day.To this end, there are 13 security checkpoints in the public area, and 41,000 square meters of temporary facilities, such as event services, volunteer homes and medical stations, are set up to provide security checks, consultation and medical services for spectators during the event.There are also four large art landscapes in the public area, providing “punch points” for the audience.Meng noted that on The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 4, more than 2,800 members of the public area team successfully completed facilities construction, spectator services, vehicle passage and security guarantee.In epidemic prevention and control, public areas are equipped with “six in one” thermometer at security checkpoints, and personnel are arranged to guide the temperature measurement;After the opening ceremony, the closed loop personnel contact points were eliminated overnight, covering an area of over 40,000 square meters.A total of 37,500 participants entered the National Stadium through security checkpoints in the public area. 150 event service volunteers provided meticulous services to the audience, and barrier-free battery cars were equipped to meet the needs of special groups.Next, the public area will also do a good job in the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games services.At the meeting, Meng Rui also introduced the development of various services in Chaoyang District.”We will continue to provide warm and high-quality services to ensure the Olympic Games. We will pay attention to details and ensure accommodation, catering, transportation and security.”Meng rui said that in terms of medical and epidemic prevention, adhere to the Winter Olympics epidemic prevention and urban epidemic prevention “integrated advance”, the implementation of “one museum one policy”, “one store one policy”, adhere to the “zoning does not overlap, streamline not cross, strict border control, personnel do not cross the zone”.Chaoyang District will protect the hotel into five areas, 10 disease control experts directed follow-up, chaoyang medical protection team of 1,200 people stationed in venues, Olympo-related hotels, transportation stations and more than 80 points, adhere to the “human, physical and environmental” prevention, a total of 681,000 nucleic acid tests.In terms of transportation services, Chaoyang District has set up five transportation stations east of Winter Olympic Village, south of Winter Olympic Village, west of Asian Investment Bank, Olympic Sports Center and Cuigezhuang, providing service guarantee for more than 1,700 vehicles.It has dispatched more than 69,000 vehicles and transported more than 31,000 people.In order to facilitate people with disabilities to travel, the system has implemented barrier-free environment construction, including 17,000 barrier-free rectification points, 19,000 environmental improvement points, 43 barrier-free quality demonstration blocks, and 5 barrier-free quality routes.In addition, in terms of volunteer services, Chaoyang District has set up 15 urban volunteer service stations around the three competition venues and 12 important places, commercial outlets and tourist attractions. More than 2,000 volunteers provide tourists with route guidance, language translation, emergency services, knowledge promotion of the Winter Olympics and other services.Responsible editor: Zhao Jiahao Source: :40 Guangming network