Weather forecast for tomorrow in Guangdong Province, February 14, 2022

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Hello everyone, tomorrow is February 14th, Monday, the 14th day of the Chinese New Year.Welcome to pay attention to the weather forecast of Guangdong province tomorrow.Tomorrow the weather of guangdong province, covered by the clouds, the temperature is basically maintained on the parallel line, body feeling is a word: cold.Tomorrow, the night minimum temperature in northern Guangdong may drop to 4 degrees.Tomorrow, the majority of the province is mainly cloudy weather, local areas have light rain, affected by the moderate intensity of cold air, the lowest temperature in the morning continues to drop.The temperature is expected to rise gradually the day after tomorrow.Overnight minimum temperatures continued to drop.As the temperature difference between day and night increases, people should wear warm clothes when traveling in the morning and evening.Highest temperatures: In northern Guangdong and northern cities and counties of the Pearl River Delta, the highest temperatures are between 14 and 20 degrees, while in southern cities and counties, the highest temperatures are between 16 and 21 degrees.Minimum temperatures: In cities and counties in northern Guangdong province and the northern part of the Pearl River Delta, the lowest temperatures are between 4 and 11 degrees, and in cities and counties in the south between 10 and 17 degrees.Tomorrow’s national precipitation forecast: northeast China, northern Xinjiang and other places have snow, fujian, Guangdong, Taiwan and some areas have rain.24 hour National precipitation Forecast chart 6 hour National Precipitation Forecast Chart Weather forecast for Big cities Guangzhou: Tomorrow the weather will be cloudy, with a northeast wind of force 3 to 4, with a high temperature of 17 degrees and a low temperature of 9 degrees.Weather forecast for Guangzhou tomorrow to the day after tomorrow Shenzhen: The weather will be light rain, northeast wind force 3 to 4, the highest temperature will be 20 degrees, the lowest temperature will be 12 degrees.Shenzhen weather forecast tomorrow to the day after tomorrow Guangdong Offshore wind forecast Tomorrow the offshore weather forecast will be overcast with light fog, winds force 4 to 7, gusts force 5 to 8, visibility 15 to 25 km.Note: Due to a long forecast, the weather may be adjusted, please pay attention to the latest information issued by the observatory.Image source: China Meteorological Network