Have you ever used baking soda to grow vegetables?Do you know what it does?This article tells you

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In the process of planting vegetables, many people may have heard of someone special with baking soda to spraying vegetables, vegetables grow particularly well, but few people know what baking soda plays a role, others on the sidelines, some are dubious, to let farmers friends can really understand the baking soda, use baking soda, wellToday we share this knowledge once again, so that we have a comprehensive understanding.Baking soda may still be a bit of a dud for some people, but no problem, let’s get to know what it contains.Call the full name of baking soda, baking soda, it contains the composition of the comparison of a single, encounter after water will release carbon dioxide, crops more than 90% of the dry weight by photosynthesis, and carbon dioxide is the main raw material of leaf photosynthesis, because the carbon dioxide in the air can’t satisfy the crop’s normal needs, therefore,Now there is a special carbon dioxide production of gas fertilizer on the market, used to improve the concentration of carbon dioxide around crops, promote leaf photosynthesis to strengthen, to increase crop yield plays a very important role.As a result, baking soda can increase carbon dioxide, leaf photosynthesis and crop yield by 15% to 30%.Through the above introduction, now should know baking soda on vegetables, indeed, to increase production, but also can prevent and control a variety of diseases, it is because there are some diseases in will environment can continuously develop and develop, and baking soda itself belongs to alkaline, after spraying the leaf, some bacteria can’t exist under alkaline conditions, therefore,To a certain extent, it plays a role in disease prevention.Knowing all this, how to use it correctly?1, in cucumber, tomato, cabbage and other vegetables growing period, 50 g with baking soda water 50 jins, toward the whole blade evenly spray, disease light spray once a week, 2-3 times in a row, heavy disease can spray a 2 day, the downy mildew, powdery mildew and anthracnose, mould and so on all have very good control effect, if and other fungicide spraying alternately, control effect is better,It also increases crop yields.2, in the whole growing season of vegetables, with 50 grams of bicarbonate of soda +50 grams of urea, 50 pounds of water, 10 days of spraying once, not only can let vegetables grow flourish, yield increase by more than 20%, but also can prevent a variety of diseases, urea is neutral fertilizer, the nature is very stable, and bicarbonate of soda will not lead to fertilizer failure, is the only choice.In addition to the above instructions, baking soda can improve the taste of vegetables and make them taste more delicious.And bicarbonate of soda is non-toxic, healthy, environmentally friendly, and cost effective. Why not kill multiple birds with one stone?The method introduced above is very true, farmers might as well try.More planting knowledge and experience, welcome to pay more attention.