Foreign Ministry: We hope the US and the West will stop their disinformation campaign

2022-04-29 0 By

On February 16, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin held a regular press conference.I have a question. The Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russian troops are moving away from the Border with Ukraine and Crimea. The western media has been speculating about the date of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.What is China’s comment on that?Wang wenbin said that the US side has hyped up the threat of war and created tension in recent days, which has severely impacted the economic and social stability and people’s lives in Ukraine and added obstacles to the dialogue and negotiation of relevant parties.Wang wenbin said that Russia recently said that the West has carried out information terrorism on the Ukraine issue.February 15 is the day of propaganda failure in the US and the West. It must be pointed out that some people in the US and the West continue to incite and spread false information, adding more instability and uncertainty to this already challenging world and intensifying mistrust and division.We hope relevant parties will stop such disinformation campaigns and do more to promote peace, mutual trust and cooperation.(CCTV reporter Zhu Ruomeng, Kong Linlin, Kong Luyuan)