World ranking is not equal to strength, for Liang Jingkun, even if the ranking rises still need to low-key and hard

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On the eve of the traditional Chinese New Year, the World Table Tennis Federation (WTF) just released the latest singles rankings. Sun Yingsha replaced Chen Meng, who had been the world’s no. 1 singles player for four years, as the new world no. 1 singles player.And among the men, FanZhenDong continued to secure his place in the top of the list, behind him until the gap is not big Malone, is because the number of recent entries, so now the gap is widening, obviously, however, Malone still compared with other competitors have some lead, firmly stay in second position in the world.Compared with the above two players’ position is stable, another Veteran of China Ping Olympic team Xu Xin is not so lucky, because of the recent lack of opportunities to participate in the games, coupled with the performance in the singles arena is not stable enough, the ranking has dropped significantly, has slipped from the original world third to the world ninth position.And in the country ping, if who became the winner of the new ranking calculation, it is undoubtedly not big fat Liang Jingkun.He has risen from the original world top 10 to the fifth position, besides Fan Zhendong and Ma Long, China table tennis ranked the most top player in the world.The other two players ahead of him are Calderano and Chang Ben-chih.However, for Liang, the world no. 5 ranking is a kind of recognition of his strength and proof that he has become the world’s top player and can challenge all the major players in the Olympics.But the road ahead is full of twists and turns for Liang, who is not as well placed as he is in the race for an Olympic spot in the Paris cycle.Because according to the current situation, although Malone has reached the age of 34 years old, but he plays key games, and the ability of tough battles, or second to none in the Chinese table tennis team.In addition, the young wang Chuqin also stood on the podium of the champion in the WTT Macau competition just ended, becoming an outstanding representative of the new generation.Some new and even unknown young players, such as Lin Shidong, Xiang Peng and Xu Yingbin, are showing more and more fighting power in the competition, and have the momentum to seize the class and power.And as Liang Jingkun, although he is very dear to the coaching staff a year, in his own world championships singles in the competition also played a good state, but in the subsequent appeared in the first round of the game or the second round encounter out in advance, which has both civil war, for example, and Malone caught in a 3-0 reversal between,There is also competition between players from outside the association, including the loss of competition between second-rate players, a lot of turnovers, and offensive instability is still very obvious.All these have set up certain obstacles for Liang Jingkun to compete for the Olympic quota in the future.As for Liang, his rise in the world rankings only represents some breakthroughs in the world this past season, but they have not been consistent or even consistent.Therefore, he also needs to put forward higher requirements for himself, but also to have a higher goal, need to be a little tougher on himself, but also to the opponent a little tougher, of course, this is also established on the premise of stability.After all, his goals are different from many young players, and his age is no longer an obvious advantage, born in 1996 in the Middle of China’s Mesozoic era is not small.One year younger than him FanZhenDong has fully occupy a leading position, Malone is also fighting capacity and improve space, plus Wang Chuqin and progress is obvious, so Liang Jingkun can elevate the apparent in the world rankings, as a way to improve self-confidence, in the game and competition of the future, or to continue refueling efforts,Especially in 2022 and 2023, trying to make a breakthrough, even just getting a place in the Olympic team event, would be a success for Liang.Here, let’s cheer for him and look forward to seeing big Fat’s new progress.