Let the old industrial heritage radiate innovation color, Wusong Innovation City deduce urban renewal like this!

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Recently, “Building Shanghai sample of People’s City Construction — The Best Case Exhibition of Urban Renewal” was launched in Yangpu Binjiang. The first batch of 55 urban renewal cases exhibited comprehensively demonstrated Shanghai sample of people’s city construction.Wusong Innovation City in Alabao Mountain is one of them.Wusong Innovation City, as a rare piece of development area, is clearly positioned as one of the six sub-centers of Shanghai in the “Shanghai City Master Plan (2017-2035)”. The new positioning highlights the development value of Wusong Innovation City under the new situation.The area used to be wusong Industrial zone, with more than 300 enterprises, mainly industrial storage.Under the objective situation of many and complex enterprises, how to become the bearing area of the city’s industrial forward-looking layout and the new benchmark of high-quality industrial development, and play a key supporting role in the “five centers” of Shanghai, especially in the construction of the science and innovation center, has become the practice theme of wusong Innovation City.Wusong Innovation City’s urban renewal exploration and practice will become a typical representative of industrial heritage activation and utilization.In 2020, under the unified deployment of the municipal government, “Wusong Innovative City Construction Planning” approved, two one square kilometer first start area control detailed planning was approved, comprehensive transportation, ecological greening, water environmental protection and more than ten professional planning work synchronous promotion.In 2021, Wusong Innovation City started the solicitation of three international proposals: Central Steel Park, urban design of stainless steel key area and Wusong Campus of Shanghai University of Fine Arts.These planning achievements will provide technical support for the construction and implementation of Wusong Innovation City.On the big academy rendering wusong city innovation is in accordance with the “industry first, fusion, ecological livable city” total positioning, form new materials, intelligent hardware and economic industry as the leading “3”, supported by “kechuang + wen gen” industry, high-end business business and high quality tourism “projects” industry as the matching pattern of industrial development, efforts to build world-class kechuang Yangtze river delta center.This area is positioned as the pioneer area of wusong cultural creativity and high-end scientific and technological innovation, the landmark area of cultural exhibition and leisure that highlights the civilization of Shanghai steel industry, and the high quality and vitality area that serves baoshan Central City.The plan will build a “dual-core, dual-belt and multi-group” spatial structure, optimize the urban public environment, clarify the regional ecological space, road network pattern, functional layout, public welfare bottom line facilities and other frame content, and strengthen the activation and utilization of industrial heritage combined with features protection elements.Bird’s eye view of urban design special steel started regional planning space structure schematic kechuang positioning for the region set research and development, ecological cultural charm, intelligence activity of public service in the integration of intensive compound, efficient, convenient, first demonstration area diversity, adhere to the “Wu Songzhi build, industrial brain” industry overall goal, form a “smart + creation” new platform of industry.Planning to build more than three gallery “in two nuclear groups” of space structure, emphasizes the integration of the urban space and ecological space, in road traffic, public facilities, municipal facilities, greening the environment and other various aspects fully mature consideration and the surrounding areas of cohesion, and targeted buildings protection and renovation, utmost to maintain the original style and features of the scale of the industrial and skin texture.China Baowu Iron and Steel Huibo Center is located in the south of Wusong Innovation City, renovated from the former baosteel stainless blast furnace core area building, is a collection of work, life, entertainment in one of the new public world.The former blast furnace of Shanghai Steel No. 1 Plant is now transformed into a “golden hearth”, which not only retains the industrial memory, but also infuses vitality into production transformation and life renewal.”Golden hearth”, all-round, all-weather interpretation of the iron and steel factory unique industrial artistic conception and cultural implication.It has not only become a brand symbol, but also a kind of inheritance and development of the red gene of the former site of Shanghai No.1 Iron and Steel Works and the steel culture of big countries.He will witness the transformation of the old industrial base and become a showcase for the future transformation of Wusong Innovation City.The first project wusong New City first plot (phase I South building) project is the place where Baosteel special steel soaking furnace workshop sets sail to the dream of science and innovation.The plot was originally a special steel L-shaped workshop, built in the 1960s, which has a high value of landscape protection.After several rounds of planning, architectural experts, decided to carry out the style protection, the principle of protection to fully reflect the original plant structure, space span and high height.The name of the first phase of the south building is: Internet treasure · Kai Yuan, which indicates the place where the dream of science and innovation sets sail.The project retains the industrial features, especially the three chimneys retained in 1958, and adopts reinforcement and artistic treatment, implying the prosperous future of Wusong Innovation City.Data: Shanghai Housing urban and rural construction management editor: Yu Jingyao *