West coast New District Xuejiadao street Fan Ruowei: do good residents around things as the backbone of the community

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“Since I started working, I have been working with the masses. The masses are like family to me, and I hope to make their lives more comfortable through my efforts.”A few days ago, the west coast new District of the second party congress on behalf of the community, Xue Jia Island street Xingang Road Party secretary Fan Ruo told reporters.It is understood that since serving as secretary of the Party Committee of xingangshan Community in 2018, Fan Ruowei has been committed to improving the quality of life of community residents, especially to the community’s only residential area haier Mountain bay community, she is dedicated to the enthusiasm for the community residents are poured into the service.The establishment of the “community” for the people to rescue the difficulty of solving the hidden danger of the wall tilt someone repair, construction site enclosure block block residential pedestrian entrance someone tube……In The Haishan Bay community, big and small issues related to residents’ lives can be solved in time.Originally, fan So was founded “solve worry society” community volunteer team, by community staff, village property personnel, party member resident composition, special mediation neighborhood dispute, solve the difficult problem of the resident.In 2019, “Jiejie Community” was registered as a party construction service brand in Xinggangshan Road community. So far, it has mediated more than 120 disputes among residents, with 100% satisfaction from the public.”We should take the initiative to understand what residents want.”Fan Ruowei said, she will refine the grid, each building in the community to set up a long, through the long into the household to understand the difficulties in the lives of residents.She also led grid staff to visit public opinions, understand residents’ concerns and needs, and provide professional on-site service for residents with special needs, gradually making social governance work from “large grid small family” to “large family small grid”.As one of the large “migratory bird-type communities” in the new District, Haileshan Haiwan community is characterized by a large number of residents and high mobility, which increases the difficulty of community management.To this end, Fan Ruowei led the community staff, plot residents of the family situation, the establishment of ledger classification, accurate provision of the benefit of the people.”I have a fever and want to take a nucleic acid test, but my mother cannot move easily and we cannot live without people…”One day, Fan Ruowei received residents Ms. Feng’s call for help, she quickly contacted the nearby hospital to coordinate the door-to-door testing.Thirty minutes later, medical staff came to collect nasopharyngeal swabs for Ms. Feng and her mother.After testing, two nucleic acid test results are negative.Two months later, community workers received another call from Feng for help.Originally, Ms. Feng and her mother needed to move because the rent was due, but how to move her mother who could not move made her difficult.Fan Ruo to immediately organize the staff to help move, and contact the joint construction unit Huikang hospital borrowed the hospital bed to help Ms Feng mother to the new home.A few days later, Ms. Feng sent a banner with the words “common post, great work.””This is the biggest affirmation and encouragement for me.”Fan Ruo said with a smile.Open public welfare classes to enrich residents’ lives “The community has a large population, and there are many ‘able people’!”Fan ruowei pointed to her delicate doorknob gloves and said, “Aunt Seo, who lived in building 2 in Phase 5, worked as a wool handicrafts worker when she was young, but now she is retired and at home.No, she knitted more than 20 door gloves with wool and just sent them to each unit door in the community.”It is reported that Fan Luo through the floor leader and community to understand the enthusiastic residents of the community, the number of retired faculty and staff, they will mobilize these residents to play their strengths, in the community to carry out voluntary services.This winter holiday, the community opened a “public welfare class” for the age-appropriate children in the Hailshan Bay community and its surrounding communities, and conducted piano, dance, art and other courses from Monday to Friday morning.During the period, fan so has been busy with the staff for the layout of the site, epidemic prevention and elimination.”Thanks to the community for opening this class, which not only enables children to learn, but also allows parents to go to work with confidence.”Ms. Liu, a resident of the community, praised the public welfare class.In addition, Fan Ruowei also listen to the opinions of residents, in the community to carry out early education, elderly hair, small appliances maintenance and other activities, widely praised.”As a party member representative and community cadre, I am looking forward to the second Party Congress of the new District.I will continue to work on the last mile to serve the residents, and devote more energy to serving the people and improving the happiness of residents.”Fan Ruowei said.(Correspondent: Chen Wei)