Punch card diffuse mountain flower sea!Yubei Cizhu town, Niuping million acres of pear blossom

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Reporters learned from yubei district on March 17, Cizhu Town Fangniuping AAA scenic area million acres of pear flowers in full bloom as scheduled, the scenic area invited the public to feel the manshan flower sea.It is understood that YuBei cattle ping scenic spots including the worse 4000 mu of forest park and chongqing’s largest base of ten thousand mu of pear, the main attractions are the sea through the pear, camping park, the utmost usually go there on special trip for the rural place, the big dipper, shochiku valley, jade lake, rhinoceros pool pavilion, NiuTing, Taurus courageously hoof, farm cattle draft, educated youth, afterglow, scud, hometown Taiwan 28 landscape, such asLet tourists always feel the unique homesickness of Fangniuping Village.Here is the largest pear orchard base in Chongqing, with a total of 14,000 mu of pear trees, driving the surrounding villages to develop new characteristic pear industry of 6,000 mu.On the basis of last year, the scenic area also set up the net red punch card point: occasionally see pear poetry, occasionally into the depth of pear, the national wind poetry atmosphere, beautiful village bird’s eye view point, looking at the bull pavilion punch card point, etc..Tourists can also buy fangniuping pear paste, brandy, Cizhu green pepper sauce, local chicken, preserved pork and other unique rural cultural products, and can also taste cizhu characteristic food green pepper fish, green pepper chicken, green pepper rabbit and other special food.Cattle ping travel guide to address: chongqing Yubei District, bamboo town cattle: ping scenic drive route navigation “cattle ping scenic area visitor center” line 1: the central park to silver commercialisation of high-speed, three under the holy way – the worse forest park – cattle ping scenic line 2: the airport highway to taoyuan road, public rental housing to the north and the south avenue, Mr. Bamboo town – > cattle ping scenic spot ticket price: free time:March 19 to April 6, 9:30 to 17:30 daily Special notes: 1.500 vehicles (7 seats or less) per day (3000 tourists)2. Wear masks before departure 3.At present, forest fires are prone to high incidence, strict fire source management, prohibit all outdoor fire.Epidemic prevention Tip: The scenic spot strictly implements the “double-code verification” system. Tourists are required to show “Yukang code” and “itinerary code” and wear masks when entering the park.