It’s really hard to stay calm when you’ve been betrayed

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Betrayal seems to be a common thing, but how to deal with betrayal?Some people say that after betrayal to find the other party to question, get what they want, and some people say that after betrayal to calm, only calm will not be bitten by the other side, to have the opportunity to negotiate with the other side.It’s all the right way, but it’s really hard to stay calm when you’re dealing with someone you love, someone you’ve given a lot to, someone you trust, when you find out they’re cheating on you in the first place.When many people find betrayal, their whole body is shaking, they can’t speak, and even their heart hurts. It is difficult to calm them down at this time.At this time you feel that they can calmly deal with, that is to their past contempt, is a joke on their intelligence.Because you find out that the person you’ve loved for years has gone behind your back, and you’re probably still working on your family.At that moment you feel yourself a joke, how to calm down?When you use sincerity to treat her person, never thought of others just when you are a joke, when you pay sincerity to others again and again, think he is the most trustworthy person in your life but betrayed you.You think god has played a joke on you. You just want to live an ordinary and comfortable life, but what you face is unbearable.A reader wrote in to say that because she cared, she couldn’t stay silent from the beginning. She became miserable and consumed herself. After a whole year, she still couldn’t get over the pain.Because I trust too much, care too much, and pay too much, until I see this man living a life down and out, but still there is no change, originally a good card in life, he was beaten to pieces, hurt his family, but still no sense of guilt, suddenly FEEL stupid.All these years of self-sacrifice on this man is not worth it, nor is it worth suffering for him.Until then she could not come to terms with the problem.Because the more you pay, the more you hurt.With the loved one, it was hard to hold your breath, this is the pain of life.After the experience, you can calm down, but when you look back, you will realize that it was not worth it.I used to cry until my eyes blurred, but now I rarely cry, but if I can, I must be calm at that time, because a person who betrays you is not worth it.When he betrayed you, all the feelings, trust are gone, timely stop loss is the biggest respect and protection of their own.And you can fight back only don’t cry don’t care, early must tell their teeth to endure endure, for some people who are not worth delaying a good mood, really is meaningless action.Don’t care about you, do it calmly.Do not use his mistakes to punish yourself, when you are extremely angry, be calm, even if it is to find an open place to shout a few, do not run to him to question.Because the answer is yes, what can you do?The answer is no, and your heart can’t get over it either, so let go of your anger, helplessness and sadness before trying to solve it.There is a saying in the Godfather: “Revenge is best served cold.”It is also a warning not to be carried away by anger, not to be the victim of hatred, to remain calm in the face of frustration and betrayal.In the face of the betrayal of marriage, we should learn to calm down, carefully think about the future plan, fight a beautiful battle, divorce, think of ways to make their own for more interests, get the financial power to protect their rights and interests and children.Turn your hatred of him into material reparations.If you can’t do that, then at least be calm in front of him, and then release your pain and grievance.Just like Gu Jia saw Xu Xuanshan, she calmly put forward a divorce, but in the face of bestie will cry, alone will also cry.We have emotions as human beings, but we don’t have to let him see them, because he doesn’t think about how you feel, and if he did, he wouldn’t have put you through what you’re going through.So be calm when you face him, because there is life ahead, and there is no love, there is a cost to our life, to our children’s education.If he doesn’t care about you today, he won’t care about you or your kids in the future.At this moment, put aside feelings, rational solution is the right thing to do, as long as you can not beat the other party may be impressed.If you end up losing everything, maybe he’ll be secretly glad.So the only way to make him regret it is to stay calm and quietly settle the matter, no matter whether he leaves or not.END interprets emotional confusion, focuses on marital problems, is willing to listen to your sorrow and happiness, accompanied all the way