In 2021, the list of modern schools in Zhejiang province was released, and 27 schools in Huzhou were listed

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Recently, the Provincial Department of Education and the Education Supervision Committee of the Provincial People’s Government announced the list of modern schools in Zhejiang province in 2021, confirming hangzhou Xingzhi New Town kindergarten and other 438 schools (kindergartens) through the evaluation of modern schools in Zhejiang Province in 2021.Kindergarten (Huzhou), primary school (Huzhou), junior high school (Huzhou), ordinary high school (Huzhou), secondary vocational school (Huzhou), community school (Huzhou)From now on, you can enter the “Yuehu” menu bar of “South Taihu” APP, find the section of “Photographer”, and submit your submission (photo or short video).In addition to winning points, your works have the opportunity to be published on Huzhou and love Huzhou wechat oh!The South Taihu is recommended