CBA three news: Han Dejun on time comeback, Xu Changsuo to keep the position, Li Chunjiang big adjustment team

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During the Spring Festival, although CBA teams have a good time to rest, but a lot of teams in order to record this season, is also to prepare early in the third stage, according to understand, the third phase of only 10 round, time is pressing for teams, all want to in the final third stage can make a good record,So there’s been a lot of news, both good and bad for the fans.Mr. Help back to the old jiang, Han Dejun time return as coach of the younger generation, Mr. Overall is the two season still can, although there is no lead the team to win, but also won the runner-up, and not let liaoning fell because of the change, can be seen from this, there are two brushes, Mr.This is not a lack of Chiang’s assistance, the third stage is coming, according to understanding, Chiang’s grandfather in the third stage will return to the team, when the game we will again see Jiang’s grandfather sitting beside Yang Ming, this may be the biggest reliance of Yang Ming on the field.As the saying goes, there is an old home, if there is a treasure, the referee saw the disorderly blowing time is to weigh.For liaoning, another good news is that the main center Han Dejun recovery well and could have been, in accordance with the schedule Han Dejun against, in the second phase and guangdong was weems injured eyes and nose, after being suspended for seven games, the current Han Dejun restore good, not surprisingly, in the back of the third stage a few be boosted to adapt to the game,- the current record is very good, probably the season regular season champion, has 10 rounds of the playoffs, ahead of the season – the goal still is to compete for a championship, Han Dejun in liaoning is still very important, but Han Dejun nose has not fully recovered, perhaps in the third stage of the game,You’ll see a Kung Fu panda in a mask!Shandong high-speed operation of mystery, Xu Changsuo stay on hold position, shandong men’s basketball team this season from the controversy, the dispute focus is not how the player, but the coach Xu Changsuo today, because the record has been not ideal, originally shandong team to prepare in the second phase of the window and change Xu Changsuo, let the handsome, perhaps Xu Changsuo finally feel a sense of urgency,In the last few games of the second phase, there was a significant improvement in the formation of the team, so the team’s record also improved to a certain extent.Xu Changsuo change from the second phase of the final three rounds, the first is against guangzhou team, Xu Changsuo has made a great change, adjust the team lineup, replaced the collocation of starting, has obtained the good effect, though with regret lost to guangzhou, but in two games behind and dwellings, shanxi’s games have achieved good effect, three points narrowly dwellings,Four rick shanxi, let the fans seem to see the different places, is also precisely because of this, shandong expressway to stability, temporarily keep Xu Changsuo job, specific look at the third stage, the shandong team was ranked 10th championship, do well the third stage, or easily able to enter the playoff, looking forward to the shandong team this season is not round.Frey wear, no return spring river again for adjustment to the team Shanghai is a very big surprise this season, at the beginning of the season, a lot of people don’t think the sharks can make such progress, after all, before the Shanghai team in terms of spending money is also not stingy, in terms of players are also big operation, but the record is indeed very not ideal,This season, with the addition of Li chunjiang, the Shanghai team has become a different team, currently in second place in the CBA standings and has entered the playoffs 10 rounds ahead of schedule.According to the team’s conceived, the third stage of super foreign aid Frey wear will return, and then the joint feng lai, franklin collocation is used, but now can’t return because Frey wear, foreign aid has franklin and feng lai, for the aim is not just to the playoffs for the Shanghai men’s basketball team is not enough, so the spring river is adjusted to the team again, we have learned,In order to reduce the risk, The Shanghai team will not look for a third foreign aid. Yanpeng, who previously participated in the three-man basketball team, will return to the team in the third stage, which can replace the injured Guo Haowen. Dong Hanlin, who was rumored to leave the team, will also return again.