30 years old, this year “four battles”, not Tsinghua not top!Is it an outlier to go to university and not take postgraduate exams?

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“Undergraduate stage also did not study well, go to school to take an examination of a few specialized courses, feel only to graduate students, real life just start.”Southwest a college pharmacy major a junior students said.There will be 4.57 million applicants for master’s degrees this year, 800,000 more than in 2021, an increase of more than 21 percent.Compared with 2017, the number of applicants increased by 2.56 million, or 1.27 times.Behind the constantly refreshing total number and increment of postgraduate enrollment, the motivation to upgrade quality, the pressure of “forced business” and the inability to escape society are intertwined.1 Is employment different?”I’ve been teaching career planning for 10 years, which is usually taught freshman year.Every year in the first class, I ask my students what their goals are for the next four years.About five years ago, about 50 percent of the class said they were going to graduate school.Now, as many as 80 percent of freshmen are willing to take the postgraduate entrance exam.Even in their senior year, more than 70 percent of students are preparing for the exam.”Bian Yuxuan, deputy dean of the College of Geographic Sciences at Hebei Normal University, said.At the same time, due to the epidemic and the international situation, some students have been prevented from studying abroad and are now taking postgraduate exams in China instead.Zeng Yi, a student at Beijing Institute of Printing and Information Technology, said she had planned to study abroad and had been studying for IELTS, but changed to take the exam for postgraduates in Chinese universities due to COVID-19.In addition to college students, the reporter also found in the interview, after the defeat of the postgraduate entrance exam to choose “World War II” “three wars” many candidates, this part of the young people or gathered in the postgraduate entrance exam boarding base, or a few people in the school near the rental preparation.Research approaches to prepare for busy shun-ping li has just completed the second world war the exam, he tells a reporter, his one’s deceased father grind boarding base, there are about 1500 examinee, most for candidates are “war” failure “of the second world war”, even has a “four” for the candidate: “I have known a man with a professional, 30 years old,” four “this year, the tsinghua.”Hong Jian, a candidate for “Third Zhan” in Qingdao University of Technology, introduced that he majored in traffic engineering as an undergraduate and worked mostly in construction sites after graduation.He took the postgraduate entrance exam in order to change his major and career. Now he is going to apply for the computer major.”This year, the university standards have been lowered, as long as I can find a school for postgraduate study.”2. “Undergraduate” graduate students?When the reporter understood the reason of postgraduate entrance examination, he found that some students love their major and devote themselves to learning.However, most of the students talk about the purpose of postgraduate entrance examination, still to increase their own recruitment weight, relieve the social employment anxiety as the main purpose;Other students are to follow the trend, because “do not want to be different” and sign up, prepare for the test;A small number of students take the entrance exam with the mentality of “they want to play for a few more years” and “they are afraid of becoming a social animal”.Prepare examinee review in library – love study knowledge, “change track” broaden horizon.The reporter found in the interview, many engineering students love their major, willing to devote themselves to modern technology research, eager to understand the frontier of knowledge.At the same time, some students hope to improve the popularity of their graduate schools and engage in the major they are interested in.Meng Xiangyan, from the School of Public Administration at Hebei University of Economics and Business, said that some students who applied for the college entrance exam had not considered their choice of major, so they have a chance to make a new choice after passing the exam.Only for employment to add weight, graduate school is not the end.In the interview, many students confided that they were deeply worried about employment, believing that they could not find their desired job only with a bachelor’s degree;At the same time, there are also “do not want to engage in low-level work” and “do not accept the income does not match their quality of work” mentality.Wang Xiao from Hebei Medical University said that postgraduate study in medical major is almost inevitable. If you want to work in a big hospital but are not willing to work in a grassroots hospital, you must take the postgraduate examination and pursue a doctoral degree.Liu Yunyun, a fine arts teacher majoring in Suzhou University of Science and Technology, said she wanted to be a teacher in the future.However, as the number of graduate students increases, so does the competitive pressure.Some students are confused and some think they should continue their doctoral studies.Follow the crowd without goals.Hebei University of Science and Technology Wang Mingyan told reporters half month talk, in fact, he did not plan to take part in the postgraduate entrance examination, feel too hard.But the person that take an examination of grind beside is more and more, oneself also slowly initiation took an examination of grind idea, still be in indecision.”Until the beginning of 2021, I plan to get a job after graduating from college.Later, WHEN I saw other people’s wonderful accounts of campus life and postgraduate life on social media, I had the desire to further my studies on campus.”Said Cao Fanghua, a student majoring in communication in 2022.– Too lazy to take responsibility and hide in the safe house of postgraduate entrance examination.Some of the interviewed students admitted that they did not want to take the postgraduate entrance exam because they did not want to find a job, enter the society, and do not want to shoulder social and family responsibilities.Wang Huiyan, a senior human resources manager in Beijing, said some college students are “rigid” and “numb” when faced with employment pressure, and some even choose to “lie flat”.Suzhou University of Science and Technology art teacher xiao Guo told reporters that he wanted to enter the society later, is not ready to become a “social animal”, postgraduate entrance exam can temporarily escape the pressure and anxiety of looking for a job.”Graduate school is also a time for me to think about what I want to do in the future.The school environment is quieter, so you can have more time to plan and not rush to work.”3 “focus on participation” into unemployed, “repeated war” resentment deep “part of the students did not think clearly after graduation from the undergraduate course, neither seriously prepare for the examination, and do not seriously look for a job, wasted four years of time.Finally, the graduate student failed the exam, and missed the spring recruitment and autumn recruitment two golden employment time, become unemployed people.””Said a teacher at Hebei Normal University.He Yangqi, deputy director of the academic affairs office at Xingyi Normal University for Nationalities, said that taking the exam to avoid the pressure of employment may transmit the pressure to the graduate stage.Additional, partial student is take an examination of grind upset the study state of undergraduate course stage.Some students in their senior year are too busy to take postgraduate entrance exams, do their graduation internships perfunctorily, and don’t pay much attention to their graduation thesis and design, which will have a negative impact on their successful completion of their undergraduate studies.Overhyping the entrance exam will exacerbate social anxiety caused by irrational desire for higher education and further distort the job market, according to officials at some university employment centers.Zhou Zhengsong, deputy dean of the Graduate School of Jiangsu University, said there is also a structural imbalance.From the perspective of the enrollment ratio, the enrollment ratio of urgently needed majors or key fields is relatively low, so macro-control guidance should be increased from the undergraduate enrollment plan, and the enrollment plan should be limited for some popular majors that do not meet the social needs, and the cultivation scale of this part of undergraduate students should be reduced.