What are the health benefits of the popularity of ice sports among teenagers?How to fall properly?

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Beijing, February 4 (reporter Che Li) According to the Voice of China Media Group “evening peak news” report, passion snow and ice, happy to welcome the Winter Olympics.The 2022 Winter Olympic Games will kick off on Thursday night, and snow and ice sports have become a hot topic across China, with local governments actively popularizing and promoting snow and ice sports among young people to let more people experience and fall in love with snow and ice.Now is the winter vacation, each ice and snow venues without young vigorous figure.What are the health benefits of ice sports for teenagers?What are the precautions for beginners?Facing the possible fall, how to use the correct fall posture, how to do the “first lesson on ice”?What are the health benefits of ice sports for young people?From the ice city to the south, from outdoor to indoor, ice and snow sports are popular with young people all over the country.According to the statistical report of “Driving 300 million People to participate in Ice and snow Sports”, ice and snow sports fans cover all ages, and 46 million people under the age of 18 participate in ice and snow sports, with a participation rate of more than 15%.What are the health benefits of ice sports for young people?Ice and snow sports can enhance teenagers’ cold resistance ability, exercise cardiopulmonary function, improve limb coordination, promote growth and development, etc.Chen Ying, director of the Department of Orthopedics and Trauma at China-Japan Friendship Hospital, said, “Most ice sports are carried out outdoors. Outdoor sports are good for teenagers’ eyesight and moral cultivation.Ice and snow sports than jumping rope running fresh, easy to enhance the enthusiasm of youth exercise, demand for lower extremity strength, core control, balance will be relatively high, is a kind of high strength of aerobic exercise, weight is a good exercise for adolescents, improve teenagers overcome difficulties of courage to face difficulties, physical ascension is very beneficial to the young.”In addition, well-formed figure skating, with its fast, non-stop twirling and jumping, is great practice for the nervous system and vestibular analyzer.The vestibular analyzer of the ear is exercised in the process of rotation and jumping, which significantly enhances the ability of the body to balance.Young people practice skating, can make lower limb bone epiphysis stimulation, promote lower limb bone growth.What are the precautions for beginners?At the same time, ice sports is a relatively dangerous sport, easy to fall, fracture, dislocation, tendonitis, meniscus injury, joint strain and so on.So, what are the precautions for beginners?Chen suggested that young people should have a certain amount of physical reserves before engaging in snow sports, such as squatting, climbing stairs and jogging at least 1,000 to 2,000 meters a day.At the same time, parents should choose appropriate and formal ice sports clothes and sports equipment for their children, and wear protective gear as required.”Including helmets, parents can’t like skiing themselves, let children use their own helmets,” Chen said.If you have an impact and you hit your head on a tree or on the snow, if the helmet is not the right size, if you have too much movement of your head in the helmet, you can have a hedge injury and you don’t have protection from wearing the helmet.”Parents should objectively evaluate the sports ability and sports level of teenagers, and choose ice sports suitable for children’s age, height and weight as well as physical condition. It is best to practice under the guidance of professional coaches.”The instructors are trained in pedagogy and they know how to guide them step by step, such as how to warm up before snowboarding, whether to start on snowboarding or snowboarding, whether to put one foot on one board for balance and then two feet on snowboarding.At the same time, it’s important to take breaks within the first hour of exposure to hydrate and avoid dehydration.”Chen Ying said.How to fall properly in ice sports?In snow sports, falls are inevitable, no matter how careful you are.What is the most protective fall position?Chen Ying suggests, when fall, should make hip side as far as possible to side ground, have to fall backward, should take the initiative knee bend squat, lower center of gravity, as far as possible sit down first.Chen Ying said: “When the skiing level is not too high, when falling on both sides, try not to fall in a crowded place, so as not to cause secondary injuries.When we wrestle, we use our hands to support the ground, and when we ski fast, our wrists are not strong enough to support our weight.If you think you’re going to fall, just sit down and you’ll have a better cushion.”Can not walk as a medical treatment criteria if teenagers injured in snow and ice sports, how to carry out simple self-help?Wang Quan, director of the emergency department of Beijing Children’s Hospital, suggested: “If there is local bleeding, you can apply pressure to stop the bleeding;If there is a sprain, you can raise the affected limb, brake, and local ice, pay attention to this time do not knead.If there is a dislocation of the joint, the injured joint must be fixed before transport and then transport;If there is a fracture, do not move the child. You should fix the fracture before moving the child.”Chen Ying special hint, must not be able to walk as a standard for medical treatment, “skiing in addition to fracture, prone to knee ligament and meniscus injury, but not as obvious as fracture performance.Quite a few patients even came to the clinic on their own, but his cruciate ligament had been ruptured.If you have swelling in your knee, make sure you get it checked out and try to get an MRI.”