Several junior high school students were praised by the boss for their cleanliness after eating in a restaurant

2022-04-26 0 By

An amazing thing happened in Benxi city, Liaoning Province today.Five boys in the restaurant after dinner to take the initiative to clean up the table moved the boss, the boss also received praise, the boss said: “these children quality is particularly high, such children are good habits!In the video, the boss points to the straightened table and says, “Look, these kids are really good!We don’t know which teacher, which parent?A few times. Always clean after dinner!These children are of good quality!Give the kids a thumbs up!A person’s quality is inseparable from a good family education, family education and osmotics, parents’ good habits directly affect the children, cultivate good habits from childhood!The youth is strong, the country is strong, is a great progress to the national quality!Sensible and quality children, for these several educated children praise!Children after dinner to clean up the table is to set an example for some people, other adults to see the children so sensible will not feel embarrassed to make a mess of the table, will be put neatly waiting for the waiter to clean up not too difficult to deal with!The customer puts a little good, the waiter takes it away directly and cleans it much easier!A few children go out to eat quality education is so good, but also to the teacher and parents brought a sense of honor, children get praise from others, teachers and parents credit.In fact, the post-00s generation are all very qualified and responsible.Each generation is always better than the next!A lot of people say you don’t have to do that, waitresses do it, they’re paid for it!Not so, the children have such quality, but also to some immoral people to transfer positive energy, that children are better than some people too much!Like some people who eat overlord meal, this kind of people should receive more education in this aspect!Good children are example power, is the transmission of positive energy!Good education is a beautiful scenery, thumbs up for the kids!