One powder canteen | homemade homemade mushroom stuffed meat!Delicious, rich in nutrients and not greasy

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu one point interactive editor Lu Hong mushroom taste delicious aroma qin people rich nutrition.There are many ways to make mushrooms. Have you ever eaten mushrooms stuffed with meat?Quick try this practice, nutritious and delicious, practice is super simple, small white can also do oh!On February 12, intelligence agent “Luzhu 1349” to qilu Evening News official client Qilu Point intelligence station sent a food information.”I would like to share with you my mushroom stuffed meat, which is nutritious, not greasy, delicious and delicious.””Said the spy.Ingredients: fresh mushroom, pork, egg, scallion, starch, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oil, pepper, chicken essence, salt.1. Chop pork into a bowl, season, release light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oil consumption, pepper, chicken essence, salt, 1 egg, starch in one direction to stir.2, shiitake mushrooms to use fresh, first cut off the root of the mushroom, and then clean the mushroom with water, pay attention to the back of the mushroom, with a knife to play a few cross knife.Easy to taste.3, put the mushrooms on the plate, the meat paste into a round ball, put in the mushrooms.4, after setting, put the plates in the steamer, cold water into the pot, steam the pot for 10 minutes after turning off the fire.5. After steaming, the liquid will be steamed out of the container. Pour the liquid into a clean pot, add water starch and boil until thick.Take a spoonful with a spoon until it doesn’t feel too runny and turn off the heat.Pour the thick soup over the mushroom meatballs, sprinkle with scallions and serve.Congratulations on the intelligence of today’s best intelligence, intelligence “dewdrop 1349” will be issued by the intelligence station staff 5 yuan red envelope reward!Nutritious, delicious and fragrant mushroom stuffed meat, have you learned?If you love food and sharing, please send your tips and recipes to the information station. Let’s pass on the delicious food, share the delicious food, and have a chance to get the top recommendation red envelope!Download qilu Evening News official client – Qilu One point, edit text/picture/short video/audio upload in the station, come to the station to have a good time together.