Li Jiaxin has refused to pursue half a year ago, “Cordyceps King” again: TVB has taken out all advertising

2022-04-26 0 By

Wireless “angel lee core (Ali) has been preserved show no development and” cordyceps king tak “may be, but the incident did not come to an end, Hong Kong media received angel lee core fans fact refers to the readers, angel lee core has refused to tak pursuit of half a year ago, but then there is still a secret love affair, more photos outflow, suspected someone feeding,Chen ende responded to this refers to li Jiaxin half a year ago did not talk about the micro film plan, more directly refers to the false Revelations do not respond!In response to the move from wireless advertising to ViuTV, he said: “I’ve pulled all the ads from TVB.(Will you give ViuTV ten million ads?)Advertising to colleagues to handle, other media will vote, but TVB will not vote!(Making a decision so soon?)He is not good by gas, uneven is crying.(Have you contacted Li Jiaxin?)Not about Li Jiaxin!”